Lego Movies & Mini Figures

Date:  Feb 20, 2014

Who says Lego Movie is for kids?

I think most of the human beings on earth grew up with Legos.  So, this movie is a block buster because it is for kids, for grown ups, for men, for women, for old people, for boys and for girls.  


So, when it comes to mini figures collection, it is for every one too.

Daddy will always says its for their sons or daughters.  But go figure out.  Muahahahaha.


The mission is to collect these 16 figures.


Each packet is S$4.95.

IMG 0504

That day I was curious why there are so many Lego fans touching the packets at the Lego stores.  Toy Hunts, Secret Chambers, Toy Market, etc etc.

IMG 0495

You can buy packets by packets and try out your luck.  If your luck is bad, may be you buy 100 packets still cannot get a full set.

IMG 0496

So, I can understand why the buyers are standing beside the box and touch it and try to figure out which mini figures are in the packet.

So, today, while Jay Jay is learning his Taekwondo, I dropped by the Toy Market shop at the Marina Square there.

There are no customers at that time, so, I take my own sweet time to touch it. 

The kind sales girl also help out.  She felt so excited helping me.

“There there… this one is the Panda….”

“Oh, I found the cat… I think this has to be the cat”.

IMG 0494

So, I end up buying my last trench of Lego Movie’s mini figures pack.

My missing 6 mini figures should be inside this plastic bag.

Let’s cross my finger.

IMG 0493

Finally, I got all 16 of them.  (Oh… the last black color robot figure is actually from a book I bought for Jay Jay, not the one from the mini figures series).

IMG 0499

So, I bought 38 packets and I got the full set.  That’s not too bad, given that the first 3 times, I did not touch the packets and any how just pick.  Tikam like that… wahahaha

IMG 0497

To save money, you really need to learn how to touch the packet and figure out what mini figure is that.

Jay Jay grew up with lots of his Lego toys.  Kay Kay also start to appreciate Duplo.

IMG 0502

So this is my first set of Duplo that I bought for Kay Kay.  He has been nagging me for longest time.  Since the sales girl help me to find the last 6 pieces for the full Lego Movie set, I bought the Disney Planes set from her.  Kay Kay will love it.

IMG 0516

And indeed.  He loves it!

IMG 0507

Let’s race kor kor…

IMG 0509

For whole night, they run around the home with the two duplo planes.

IMG 0514

And my bed becomes their airport.

IMG 0519

This is my first set of minifigures collection and it should be my very last one gua…

Oh ya… She also told me that…

#1 the robot girl with the long rifle gun,

#6 the long hair girl with a cat,

#11 the robot girl with the clipboard &

#16 the mermaid is the hardest to find because it has only 2 packets of each mini figures in a box of 60 packets.  

She told me that it will worth lots of money too next time..  on eBay… 


IMG 0503

Already couple of friends wanted to exchange or buy some of the extra one I have.  Wahaha

IMG 0506

But out of all this figures, one of the one that I wanted the most is 



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