Gadgets: Muku Shuttr – A Very small Mobile Shutter for iPhone or Android Phone

Date:  Nov 2, 2013

 This is one of the latest gadget just arrived yesterday.

IMG 0571

It is called Muku Shuttr.  It is a remote shutter for iPhone.  (of course, it also can be used on iPad or other Android phones).

It comes with a smaller carrier that just fit the Muku Shuttr.

IMG 0570

It is connected to your iPhone using bluetooth.  And then, it takes over your iPhone Camera app shutter function.

So, why is it good?

1)  You are at the restaurant, and you do not want to keep bothering the waiter and waitress to take photo for you.  So, if you have a method to make your iPhone stand, then, you can take great photos of your family and friends by using this remote shutter.

2)  You are at the park or any Point of Interest, and you see no one in sight, as long as you have a iPhone stand, then, you can use Muku Shuttr to take photo.

WARNING:  For visiting to those notorious countries of stealing, try to check your surrounding and see if there are suspicious people trying to snatch your unattended iPhone or not.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Here is the video to show how it works.  Very easy.


I happened to have a iPhone stand.  It works perfectly.

IMG 0595

Let’s check out the video of this.


I also got this simple iPhone stand.  It is handy and you can bring it with you at all time.


This is Muku Shuttr’s kickstarter website.  I am not sure where you can get it now, but read the kickstarter may give you some clues.  I pledged to the project and get quite a good discounts for that.

This is their kickstarted video.

Pairing is easy.  And taking photo is easy too.

IMG 0616

If your hand is very shaky when you touch the phone, this is perfect.

IMG 0609

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