Thailand #1 – Pornanong Phatlum

Date: Nov 1, 2013

Yesterday, Thomas has arranged another golf game for me in Bangkok. This time I will be playing at Panya Indra. (Thomas is my Golf Event coordinator / tour guide in Bangkok. To search for his card, google search “miniliew Bangkok Thomas”.)

We have two flights. This is the not so competitive flight.

Just a note: Caddie Pla (my caddie) is a university graduate, and study Political Science. She is strong Thanksin supporter. Luckily I just happen to wear red shirt!!!!! Hahaha

During the end of the last few holes, the caddies all look at this girl. So I ask who is she?

They said she is “Wan”.

Wan who?

Pornanong Phatlum, currently Thailand No.1 female golf player.

At the end of the game, I bump into her at the entrance. My caddie says “Khun Ken, go go picture with her..”

Caddie also clever run up to her politely ask if I can take a photo with Thailand #1 LPGA player.

So we took the pictures, many shots. She’s cute.

My Friend Razak also got a good photo with her.

Then I start to google her. Took me a whole to find her name and match her face to the name.

Wah… Wiki says she is only 23 years old. Well done Thailand! For producing such good player.

And I think she is working with LoudMouth brand. Can tell immediately from her skirts. Those are the signature colors, very loud.

I also wear LoudMouth golf shirts. I have yellow, green, purple, red, beige, white and blue in my collection now.

She got a facebook page. You can see her photo from there.

Here is a nice golf pose.

She is indeed very friendly and allow us to take photo with her. Cool. Next time I will watch LPGA golf.

Do you know that if you want to learn golf, learn from LPGA is better. Hahaha

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