Good Food in Bangkok

Date: Oct 31, 2013

I stayed beside the river. In this Royal Orchid Hotel.

There is usually a small pier just behind the hotel where you can hop on to reach the other side of the river.

It cost about 3.50 Baht to hop on to this boat that run across the river. Cheap cheap!

This is the opposite side.

There is this local market street. Just beside that building.

Simply walk inside until the first alley that you can turn right.

Once you turn right, a few steps later, this local restaurant will be in sight.

It is the only restaurant within sight. It looks like proper food. It served Ishan (Northern Thai) food.

This is Kor Moo Yang. The BBQ grill pork neck meat.

The small little chilli dip beside it is a killer.

So we order the 2nd plate which is a bit more fatty meat.

The chicken is very crispy and the meat are tender inside. We also order 2 plates. We got three person nia.

This is home made beverages. Green wheat, ribena, lemon grass. We ordered 5 bottles of such drinks.

This is the basil pork dish.

Have you try Tom Yum Pork Rib soup? Taste very good! I like.

We also have a plate of seafood salad and mango salad.

This is our second plate fried chicken.

The sotong here is soft. Very nice.

Three people, 5 bottles drinks, 8 dishes of fantastic Ishan food, a plate of rice and a packet of glutinous rice.

Guess how much?

499 Baht nia!

Later that night, near Ekamai Heatlh Land massage, we ate here. Seems like a very famous seafood restaurant for Japanese. In our seating section out of 6 tables served are all Japanese.

Some how this is a very chewy oysters. Why chewy I don’t know. But it is fresh and good!

And you eat the oysters with this. Put every thing on it and scope and eat!

Yum Sam Kung, mixes three crispy stuff in a salad.

The fish cakes.

This is what the chewy fresh oysters looks like after you apply everything on it. Taste really good!

One big grill fish.

Grill chickens. But a bit tough meat. Not soft.

Huge prawns.

Some dips with veggies, Kway Tew soup, salads and a tender beef steak. 4 people, and cost 4500 Baht like that. Wow! Expensive meal for a 4 person.

But food really nice.

Don’t ask me how to go… I only know we took subway, change to BTS to Tong Lo. And take a cab short distance ride and reach here. I follow nia.

I know it is also very near to Ekamai health land massage. Where you cross the road and take a cab, very short distance you teach the famous massage place.

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