Bangkok Boat Service

Date: Oct 30, 2013

I don’t like the traffic jam in Bangkok.

I don’t like the hotel venue of Capacity Asia. It’s beside the Chao Phraya river, but it is also in a location that is not near to every thing, like MRT/BTS station, shopping centers, etc.

Every time you need to go somewhere, you will be sure to stuck in the jam for a long while.

This trip, I learned to take the Chao Phraya Express boat service.

It is cheap and very convenient. It is fast and only cost 15 Baht nia.

This is the boat with orange flag. This is the boat we are taking.

Actually 15Baht is not cheap comparing BTS fare. But it is fast and convenient.

A conductor will sell you tickets like this.

So when you reach a stop, the guy will whistle a few time and the boat will bump to the side and passenger can be alighted.

You can stand there if you want but hmmm… A bit dangerous considering the water is high right and a bit rush today.

We waited for the boat for 10min, and the ride takes about 6-7min for 2 stops. And we arrived at Sathorn Pier. The BTS station is just directly above this sign.

Then you take the BTS to any where you like.

This boat ride appears to be very popular to both Thai and tourists.

So next time don’t forget to consider this if you are really rushing for time and need to go somewhere without traffic jam.

Try it next time when you are in Bangkok.

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Location:เจริญกรุง 30,Bang Rak,Thailand

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