Drawings With Your Own Mind

Date:  Oct 27, 2013

Young Kay Kay always has his own unique personality.  

No matter in class or at home, he has very strong character.  Sometimes very stubborn but some times very innovative.

Yesterday, we have great time creating Mr. Pumpkins.


IMG 0208

Today, as usual, we go to the Art Boot Camp class.

Today, the topic is scarecrow.  So, the art teacher show a sample of the drawing from another kid.  The kids suppose to follow and draw a scarecrow.

IMG 0272

Let’s check out What has Kay Kay drew.

Hmmm… Two pumpkins beside the scarecrow.

Wow.  I think he told the teacher he wanted to draw two pumpkins man there.

IMG 0269

So, he produced this nice drawings and earn another space in the living room wall.

Well done Kay Kay.  I love your pumpkins.  And I am sure the Mr. Pumpkins will be glad to learn that they have a place in your mind, in your drawings.  Great job!

IMG 0271

The main thing of learning art is to learn how to express your thoughts.

It is not about learning techniques and skills.

Of course those are important too.

But the key idea is to express what you thinking and put it on the drawings.

I took a glance and see other people drawings who follow exactly the “sample drawings”.

Even his brother, most of the time also following the sample drawings.

But Kay is different in a way that he draw his own things.

He bo-chap.

He just wanted to draw.

Just like his sun, is dark red.  Not yellow.  He says he likes it that way.  Wow.  HaHaHaHa.

Quite a cool kid.

IMG 0222

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