Kay Kay Reading Chinese

Date:  Feb 15, 2014

No long ago, I bought these books from Malaysia’s Popular Bookstore for Jay & Kay to read.

See here… http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2014/02/teaching-chinese.html


Today, let’s put it to real test.

IMG 0307

Let’s ask Master Kay to read the Chinese Book.

IMG 0308

He is reading the first 100 words series.

IMG 0312

See Kay Kay in action!

As what I have said in my previous blog entry, the book introduce the same characters in the series.  So, it is very easy for Children to recognise the words.  And what you have learned in the previous books, thru repetitions, it will appears in the next books so that you can get familiarise fast.

IMG 0310

Good Job Kay Kay!

I made a small mistake last time with Jay Jay.  I always thought that he went to school and learn the Chinese is enough already.  But it turns out that it is not enough.  That is why for Kay Kay, I will try my best to read with them, make them read Chinese books a few times a week, so that they get enough practise.

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