Jay & Lego Remote Control Car

Date:  Feb 15, 2014

After resting for a couple of weeks.  Jay Jay resumed his Lego Mindstorm’s activities @ Wonder Works.

Again, teacher Enzo has not fail to surprise me.

Jay Jay has gone to about 24 of his classes.  And none of the project has repeated yet!  Every week, there are new projects.

His project is like unlimited, and all based on imagination, his own imaginations and give out to the students.

This week, it is the first time they make a remote control Car.

And Jay Jay, with his most creative and imaginative mind, make this.  What is this?

 IMG 0268

Oh… Passengers for his remote control car.

And it is DOUBLE DECK COUCH.  From the Lego Movies!  

IMG 0269

It does looks nice.  And what does the teacher Enzo ask him to do?

A car with a passenger seat.

And this Jay go and do so much things.  Wahahaha.

IMG 0290

Every one make the same model of car, except for him.


IMG 0293

Design the car but don’t know how to control it.  Wahahaha.  Learning to “drive the car”

Once he knows how to do it, he loves his double decker couch remote control car.  Wahahaha.

I guess that is the purpose for Lego.  

It is to bring out the kids imaginations.

So, I can call him MASTER BUILDER.  Wahahaha

IMG 0255

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