iCook: How to Cook A Perfect Egg

Date:  Jan 8, 2014

I like my egg to have a molten egg yolk.  It is simply perfect to eat.

IMG 7514

For the past few days, I have been trying to cook this molten egg yolk.  

It is a matter of cook ware, and timing.

We also call this method “No Water Cook Egg” – 无水煮蛋

The main reason why you don’t want to use water to “hard boil” the egg is because some of the nutrients will dissolve in the water thru out the hard boil process.  (营养流失)

Let’s get to it.

Oh ya, I am using Amway’s iCook.

All you need is about a spoonful of water to cook your egg.

IMG 7359

See how little water I use?

IMG 7360

Initial 1-2 min, you use a bigger fire so to heat up the pot and make it hot.

IMG 7363

For Amway’s iCook, you simply turn the lit or the cover, it will spin when it is hot.  That is when the Vapour Seal is formed.

IMG 7367

When the vapour seal is formed, (approx after 1-2min depending how cold is your egg), then, you turn down the fire to the minimum. 

IMG 7369

If you want to cook a nice hard boiled egg using the eggs you just take out from the refrigerator (i.e. COLD).  Then, just cook it for around 13-14 min.  (Including the time to bring the pot from cold to hot, form the vapour seal, and turn down the fire).

IMG 7362

I use a knife to chop it to half.  Easy to eat.  This is how it looks for the egg to cook around 14min.

IMG 7374

Another method is to soak a piece of kitchen paper tower.  And place it underneath.

Then, you take the eggs out from the fridge, and place it on top of this soaked paper tower.

IMG 7508

Cover it.  Use a medium fire to bring the heat up to form the vapour seal, after approx 1-2 min later.  

Then, immediately bring down the fire to minimum.

Now, instead of 14min, try 12 min.

IMG 7509

Don’t worry about the 1-2 eggs cannot take the cold-hot transition and breaks.

After 12min, look at the water vapour in the pot, it is still there.  

IMG 7510

The paper kitchen tower still remains moist.  The vapour seal from iCook kept the water inside the pot.  

Because we use lesser water or almost no water to cook, the calcium, the nutrients still remains within the eggs.  

Because some times, if you use tap water to cook, you don’t know what the tap water will do to the egg.  

We don’t have onsen water here, so use almost zero water to cook is the best way to taste the freshness of eggs.

The eggs cook in this way is quite tasty.

IMG 7515

My 12 min eggs is a molten eggs.  I can also try 11 min next time to make it more watery.

IMG 7511

The eggs is best taste with a pinch of sea salt.  It is indeed delicious.

IMG 7512

Look at how molten is my egg.  Very nice indeed.  I like!

IMG 7513

Remember, 一日之计在于晨, make yourself a good breakfast to lead a healthy life.

IMG 7378

Really love the egg cooked in this way.  (This photo is my first try few days ago.  As you can see, I burnt a bit my egg.  Because my fire is too big and it vaporise my spoonful of water as soon as I open the vapour seal.  🙂  The key is to turn down the fire so that the water and vapour can cook the egg within the iCook pot.  

IMG 7219

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