Gadget: Sineoji 600Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2

Date:  Dec 4, 2013

* Updates:  I really itchy hand.  I go and buy a pair of Aztech Av2 600Mbps to test out.  I was wrong.  Very wrong.  The Aztech AV2 is much lesser powerful than its own Aztech HL115EP (earlier generation).  Somehow, at my place, my network configurations, it does not perform at all.  Lose out to Sineoji AV2 600Mbps.  So, my recommendations is to buy Sineoji AV2 600Mbps, or still buy Aztech HL115EP.  I don’t recommend to buy Aztech HL119EP.  See here for more test results … *

I am a simple guy.

I do not do complicated stuff.  

At my age, complicated stuff will bring headache.

Lazy to think.


I did a simple test, and here are the results shown below.  And I draw a simple conclusion.

Let’s look at my home scenario again…

1)  I terminated OpenNet Fibre at the wash area behind my kitchen.  Basically OpenNet Fibre comes in using my back door.

2)  Opps!  When I design the network in this house, I never thought of bringing internet into the kitchen washing area.  So, there is no Gigabits Cat6 cable pull to the back door.

3)  I certainly do not want OpenNet Fibre to come form the front door and put those white plastic cable runs over the place.  Very ugly.

4)  What shall I do from Kitchen to my Network cabinet?

5)  So, the only way is to use Homeplug/PLC technology to pump entire WAN traffic thru this technology.

I have been using my Aztech HomePlug HL115EP for a long time.  I think almost 2 and half years.  It is very reliable and serve me well.

But when new technology comes, your hand always get very inchy.  Wahahaha

So, there I am in SITEX.  And I first found out that Aztech has an AV2 which comes with AC pass-thru.  But then, just about I wanted to pay money for it.  I saw Sineoji just beside Aztech.  


So, out of curiosity, I went to check out Sineoji.  

IMG 2721

And they are offering $33 per piece, instead of $60 per piece from Aztech.

So, without thinking much, my brain decided to give Sineoji a try.  First 150 customers, can get $33 per piece.  (Original price is $60).

But this one does not come with any AC pass thru (Noise Filtering).  Hmmm…

Let’s buy it anyway since it is cheap.

IMG 2720

It is a Korean brand.

 IMG 3218

It has quite good review on Hardware Zone, may be because they are the only AC2 Homeplug available for the last few months since PC show.

IMG 3219

Looks like this.

IMG 3215

As said, I am a simple person.  So, I do simple test.  And Let’s compare the result.

1)  ORIGINAL STATE.  WITHOUT any changes.  From my iMac in my study room, connected to a CAT6 Gigabits cable to a DLINK GE Switch, and connecting to A pair of Aztech Home Plug HL115EP (power line from network cabinet to kitchen washing area) and connecting to my DLink AC1750 DIR-868L router and go out to Internet using ViewQwest.

Result #1:  7:34.18am

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 34 18 am

Result #2:  7:35.13am

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 35 03 am

2) COMPATIBILITY TEST.  I changed the Network Cabinet to use Sideoji 600Mbps AC2.  And at the Kitchen wash area, I still use the Aztech HomePlug 500Mbps HL115EP.  Every other things remain the same.  

Result #1:  7:37.06am

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 37 06 am

Result #2:  7:37.56am

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 37 56 am

Conclusions:  Aztech & Sineoji does not have a happy marriage.

It is amazing to see that both the devices when they interop, they cannot talk well.  The Download speed is dropped to 5-6Mbps.  And the upload speed is still high.  This is a very puzzled results.  But for sure when we buy these sort of Home Plug devises, we do not intended to use multi brand together.

So, the marketing about they are compatible with home plug earlier version, and other brand is a crap!!!!  It is compatible, but lower and erratic results.

3)  SINEOJI AV2 600Mbps Test.  Now, at the washing area, I also use the Sineoji AV2 600Mbps.  Rebooted both side just to be sure.

Result #1:  7:42.46am

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 42 46 am

Result #2:  7:43.34am

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 43 34 am

Conclusions:  I did not see any huge improvement from the speed test.  It is just a slightly few Mbps increased compared to the original state results.  

But let’s look at another parameter.

Let’s ping to the router and see what you can see.

1)  Original state.

As you can see… the ping results is a bit erratic in a sense.  I did not noticed that few years ago.

Screen Shot 2013 11 28 at 7 26 38 pm

Let’s look at the result of 2.5 years ago with the same Aztech HL115EP but different router (Asus Black Diamond).

Again, I am seeing not so stable ping result from my iMac to the router.


2) Sineoji AV2 600Mbps Ping result.

The AV2 technology gives a steady ping time.  At least it is not fluctuated like last time.  That means the jitter will be small and the delivery of videos and voice will be much better.  So, the performance between 500Mbps AV1 Vs 600Mbps AV2 is not so much on the speedtest, but from the Ping time perspective it is much more stable, which is good.

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 7 51 43 am

OK.  I did see some small improvement but the improvement is not big at all.  And now I think I may have made a mistake, for going for Sineoji.  Yes, it has improvement, but what if the AV2 from Aztech which has the AC Pass-Thru Noise Filter will pump even more higher throughput?  So, that will leave it for my next test if I got money to buy the Aztech version of AV2.  (when is my hand itchy and when do I go Sim Lim again.. )  Wahahahaha  I wrote in the follow blog before to explain the noise from the fan can affect your HomePlug performance.

Having said all these…

I still don’t like Speedtest.  But that is the only way to give a benchmark by comparing two results.


  1. I also brought the kimchi av2 and found no diff wif hl115. was tinking to get hl119 to try luckily saw this blog. so save $ now. haha

  2. As for your compatibility test, seems like Sineoji can talk well with Aztech and not the other way round.

    Try swapping the adapters on different sides and test again; the expected result will be the opposite.

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