Date:  Dec 4, 2013

In School, they will teach our kids to do addition and subtraction from RIGHT to LEFT.  So, they will have to learn how to do the math operations from RIGHT to LEFT.  The correct way.

I aslo sent Jay to CMA so that he can learn how to use Abacus as well as doing mental calculations in his head.  For Abacus, one will need to compute calculations from LEFT to RIGHT.

So, in order to combine and blend this skill into his day to day life properly, I let him do some Math assessment book without the Abacus.  And then, made him correct his own work by checking the answer using the Abacus.

He likes it.  As he gets to use the red pen to mark his own homework.  When there is something that is wrong?  Then, he gets to see why he got it wrong and try to get the answers correct.

IMG 3210

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