Wonder’s Work Space Invention Camp – Day 1

Date:  Dec 4, 2013

I did an Radio Interview with FM95.8 few weeks ago.  We talked about Wonder’s work.

FM95.8:  http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2013/11/fm958-interview.html

So, here, yet is another program I signed up Jay Jay for his holiday’s camp.  To kill time and to learn something different.


OK.  Let’s suit up!  The kids are given each an astronaut costumes.

IMG 3170

Here is his “I’m an Inventor” name tag.

IMG 3191

Jay Jay enrolled the class together with 3 other Kindergarden’s friends, Riyandi, Aiden & Brayden.

All of them is going to sit together in the yellow group.

IMG 3179

A class size of about 16-20 students ranging from 6 years old to 12 years old.

IMG 3189

OK.  Let’s check out what they have learned from the first day of class.

A rocket launcher.  This is most probably the most impressive toy that they have made in class today.

 IMG 3194

Using a straw, add the wings with tapes, and put some blue tag on it.  That’s it, your rocket.  And you put the rocket at one end of the straw launcher.

 IMG 3196

The straw launcher is hold still by a cloth hanger clip. What is that piece of paper over there???

IMG 3197

Oh…. it is a small piece of paper teaching and reminding the kids to remember that if you shoot the rocket 45 degree you can shoot it far.  And they taught them the concept of angles.

IMG 3199

At the end, it is attached to the tube and pump.  Oh, this will supply the air and launch the rocket at the other end.  

Quite cool!  Why didn’t I think of this?

IMG 3198

OK.  Let’s see how this rocket goes into action.  

45 degree, and do a lot of pre-launching check.  As you can see how he carefully check thru each sequence, and then, he punch the pump and the rocket fly very straight at 45 degree.  OK.  That’s it, I will go buy more pumps and tubes so that Jay & Kay can build this rocket launcher at home to play with their domino or Jenga target.  Cool ideas!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/pbfsXBp4M_Q

Then, they taught them to build strange plane.  This kind of planes can fly??

IMG 3200

See cannot fly.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/idEr5fH2zPI

Some robot.

 IMG 3203

But the main event is to build the big rocket using Coke Bottle.  As described by Jay Jay, the rocket has wings below.  And a cap on top.  Where a ping pong ball is placed inside.  A parachute is designed so that the rocket can safely come back to earth.  So, two boys form a team, each group has 2 rocket to launch.  Because it was rainy day yesterday, so, they did not get to launch the rocket yesterday.  Today, they will attempt to launch it again.  But looking at the sky, I think the chances are slim.  May drag to Thursday.

So far the kids likes it a lot.  Space, is the next frontier.

IMG 3205

Those who are interested, there are still Camp #3 & Camp #4 you can signed up.  This is the third holidays that they offer such program.  It is getting quite popular.  And it is good to learn things from outside text books  Here are the info.


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