Gadget: Aztech Homeplug AV2 600Mbps Passthrough with Smart Link (HL119EP)

Date:  Dec 4, 2013

You know when it comes the time where you really wanted to know the fact whether you made a correct decision or not?  Where there are something that you feel very strongly about…

Here is the scenario.

1)  I have been using Aztech Home Plug HL115EP for almost 2.5 years.  That is after I have tested so many Power Line products.  And I am convinced that Aztech Home Plug HL115EP can deliver such a fine performance.

2)  There is a new standard AV2 just came out.  Sineoji 600Mbps AV2 came out first in the market.  They have lots of good comments on Hardware Zone.  But there is not other competition around.  

3)  Aztech also come out with HL119EP which is Home Plug AV2 600Mbps too.  This one comes with the AC Passthrough.

4)  You also know the fact that AC passthrough is important as it comes with some noise filter, and suppose to filter all the noise out from your power line.

5)  You did a test on both Aztech 500Mbps HL115EP Vs. Sineoji Homeplug AV2 600Mbps.  And the performance difference is a little.

So, this gives you a false impression that, WHAT IF the Aztech new AV2 600Mbps can deliver much superior ethnology since the earlier version already so powerful???????

I am obsessed with Power Line / Home Plug technology since 13 years ago.  I love to use the best performances and now I am left hanging there because I really do not know what is the performance of the Aztech new AV2 Homeplug….

So, I went to buy a pair.  

IMG 3332

It comes with the AC Pass Through.  Suppose to have noise filter to filter off the noise.

IMG 3333

Let’s test out the network.

Again, run a very simple test.  Simply switch the home plug in between.

1).  SineoJi AV2 @ Cabinet & SineoJi AV2 @ Kitchen Wash Area

Test #1 @ 3:53.00pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 3 53 00 pm

Test #2 @ 3.53.50pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 3 53 50 pm

This Sineoji is quite good.  

2)  Aztech AV2 @ Cabinet & SineoJi AV2 @ Kitchen Wash Area

Let’s do a compatibility test ….

Test #1@ 3:59.31pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 3 59 31 pm

Test #2 @ 4:00.20pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 00 20 pm

OK.  Aztech AV2 & Sineoji also don’t get very well together.  So, if you mix the brand, you get lower download speed but the upload speed remain the same.

3)  Aztech AV2 @ Cabinet & Aztech AV2 @ Kitchen Was Area

Both Aztech AV2.  Let’s see…

Test #1 @ 4.06.01pm


Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 06 01 pm

Test #2 @ 4.06.46pm

This is kind of unbelievable.

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 06 46 pm

Test #3 @ 4.07.33pm

I don’t believe what I see.  So, I did another test.

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 07 33 pm

Sorry guys.  I also cannot believe what I am seeing.

It seems that Aztech HL119EP 600Mbps is less powerful than its HL115EP 500Mbps.

It is definitely less powerful than Sineoji AV2 600Mbps.

4)  Sineoji AV2 @ Cabinet & Aztech AV2 @ Kitchen Wash Area

Now, this time round, I replace the kitchen area first.  And did a test.

And Guess what????

Test #1 @ 4:09.59pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 09 59 pm

Now, the upload speed becomes superior than the download speed, which is exactly opposite to the just now when I placed Sineoji AV2 @ Kitchen Wash Area.

Test #2 @ 4:10.52pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 10 52 pm

This is very interesting result indeed.

When you do download, if the ingress is Sineoji (incoming), you have higher speed.   

5)  Back to Sineoji AV2 @ Cabinet & aztech AV2 @ Kitchen Wash Area

No big surprise here.

Test #1 @ 4:19.37pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 19 37 pm

Test #2 @ 4:20.25pm

Screen Shot 2013 12 04 at 4 20 25 pm

So, conclusion drawn below…

1) I do not recommend to buy Aztech homeplug AV2 600Mbps (Passthrough with Smart Link) HL119EP.  Because, it has the lesser performance than its predecessor HL115EP.  Aztech HL115EP is still the best Homeplug within Aztech family.  I am very disappointed with Aztech for not keeping up with their reputation.  I repeat the test two times and it shows the same result.  Nothing else is changed, only the home plug at two points are changed.  So, that gives a pretty good idea of each performance.

2) I recommend Sineoji 600Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2.  At least it works for me.

Disclaimer:  It may works differently in your network.  

For the next 2 years, I will stick with Sineoji AV2.  🙂


  1. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the detailed results.
    Would you advise if whilst testing, was it an isolation test, i.e. purely Aztech HL119EP on all power plugs? Or did you have various homeplugs left in the sockets?
    I read somewhere that if you use Smart Link homeplugs with those that do not support Smart Link, then it is still the same non-Smart Link speeds.
    If you could kindly provide some test results, that would be greatly beneficial to all. 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

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