Robotics: A Helicopter

Date:  Jan 4, 2014

The robotics project today at the WonderWorks @ Liang Court getting more interesting.

The project is to create and design programs for a helicopter.

IMG 7261

This is Jay Jay’s helicopter.

IMG 7269

So, what does it do?

When the helicopter is landed on the table, the propeller stop spinning.

When you take the helicopter off the table slowly, the propeller spin slowly.

When you take the helicopter higher and higher, the propeller spin faster and faster.

Huh?  I blurr..

How this work har?

Oh, there is a ultrasonic sensor build in below of the helicopter.

The ultrasonic sensor will measure the distance of the sensor against the obstacle (table).

When the distance is relative zero, the motor not moving.

When the distance is small, the motor rotate slowly.

When the distance is bigger, the motor will rotate faster.

As simple as that.

Cool project Jay!

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