Lego Mindstorm Flipping Gymnast

Date:  Aug 30, 2014

Jay Jay has enrolled into the Young Robotics Engineers class @ WondersWork at Liang Court.

And yes, he is now using Lego Mindstorm EV3 to program his robots.

IMG 9766

Below is the info of the Robotics class he is attending.


Young Robotics Engineers (Age 8 & above)

This program is suitable for children aged 8 and above. Students will build more advanced robotics projects using Lego Mindstorm NXT2.0, Lego Mindstorm EV3 (age 10 & above, completed at least 8 lessons of Nxt2.0) robot kits. 



Let’s check out what he designed this week.

He needs to build & program a flipping Gymnast.

Teacher Enzo is explaining to him, why his gymnast cannot flip properly, because of the strength of the robot’s leg is too weak.  So, he has to think of a way to properly understand how a gymnast will need to do to flip a few times.

IMG 9775

This is his Flipping Gymnast. 

I also get to see his coding.  HaHaHaHa… Keep on cut and paste so to do the flipping.  So, I can see his code become so long.

Nice try Jay Jay!  hahahaha

Later, I think teacher Enzo corrected him so that he uses a “loop” to repeat the flipping action.

IMG 9783

OK.  Let’s see it!

I like this project!


 Now, let’s look at the Slow Motion.  Kind of cool!

Some friends ask me, why I keep sending my son to this course for so long.

Here is my thoughts…

1)  To let Jay have 2 hours during weekend to play with toys he love, i.e. Lego.

2)  Lego is building block.  It is imagination that is needed to build and design the robot.  Although there are a instruction pages to follow, but most of the time, Jay Jay likes to do it differently and have a lot of excuses and reasons.

3)  The programming is done on a Windows laptop.  So, this is the only way to let Jay Jay get in touch more with a Windows operating system.  As my home is completely Apple  Mac friendly.  Yeap!  Have not been using Windows for a long time.  I found that Jay Jay is quite well verse on operating a Windows OS.  And at home, he also know how to operate a iMac computer.

4)  He learned about math, and physics in this class.   All these are necessary to design the robot’s movement.

5)  He can play with his friends too.

6)  He can socialise with more classmates here.

7)  So far I see that 98% of the project are new project.  The design of the course is actually quit good.

8)  It make Jay focus, and think.


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