Happy Anniversary!

Date:  Aug 29, 2014

Time flies.

It feels like it was yesterday, when we had our wedding dinner here at Prima Tower Restaurant.
But when you blink your eyes, you found that 14 years had passed.  ROM was two years before that.
It very nice to have them around us during the anniversary dinner.
We are so happy to see J & K has grown so much.  A bit regret why they are not so much older than today.  But, don’t worry, we are still young, so, many many fun days ahead of us with J & K.
That’s the life in Singapore.  
The first few years, you spent a lot of time and do a lot of hard work to live better.
We are lucky to remember that we can’t live in a two person world forever.  Thanks to the Tsunami trip in Phuket that make us realize that the world can be a better place if you have one or two or more in the two person world.
And that is why two lovely kids has come into our live.
Life is like building Lego.  It is fun, and it takes some time, and we never get tired building it.
Once you have the kids, it is your responsible to make your live better, make their live better.
Time flies.  Time flies.  
Happy Anniversary!

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