Swimming – Let The Kids Take Their Own Sweet Time

Date:  Aug 31, 2014

First of all, Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Kay Kay has start learning swimming about 1 year ago, where he promise to take uncle Soh’s swimming class just after his birthday.

If you remember reading it on my blog, Kay Kay threw away his milk bottle when he was three (after the birthday).  He no longer wearing diaper to sleep when he turned four.  And we love to associate “grow up” with birthday cake.  HaHaHa.  So, we also make him promise to start learning swimming when he turned four.

Swimming is a life skill that we as a parent wanted him to learn and master.  Because one day, this could save his life.

Regardless of how long it takes, how scared the kid is at the beginning, Kay Kay knew he has to learn how to swim eventually.

IMG 7994

Let’s check out how is he doing.

1.  He is able to walk to the 1st ladder at the 2 meter pool side and swim from there.

2.  He is able to free style with correct swimming strokes.

3.  He is able to change breathe, though still not perfect, but at least he is not afraid of running out of air.

4.  He is able to swim a longer distance.

I am very proud of him having such improvement.

I admit that at the beginning, I was a bit too harsh on him.  Always wonder why Jay Jay can picked up swimming faster than him.

I made a mistake to compare both Jay & Kay.  Luckily, I quickly realise that mistake, and let it go.

I let the coach to do his teaching.  I no longer jump into the pool to teach him.

I realise that there can be ONLY ONE COACH to teach him at the beginning.

We as parent, although we know how to swim, but we are not swimming coach.

We cannot possibly teach the correct swimming skill to our kids.  

Let the professional do the job.

And understand that, it takes time to concur the fear of swimming.

No one is the same when learning swimming.

I know, some of the bright kids of his age has sort of “master” the swimming in shorter time.

But Kay Kay is not them, he will take longer time.  That is the different!

So, “Let it Go” is actually a good song and a reminder to remind parents that not all kids learn the same way learn at the same speed.

And he is also started to learn butterfly swim.  And I am so happy when I see that

1.  He no longer a crying baby at the pool.

2.  He is not afraid of water any more.

3.  He is enjoying himself in the class.

4.  He chit chat and play in the pool with his friends.

Here is the video of the first step of learning butterfly swimming (no hands).  Swim like a fish.

And he loves it!

Some one did a Ice Bucket at the other side of the pool.

So, I suggested to him to do a balance your swim board on your head challenge.

Later during the day.

Jay Jay came back.

Jay Jay: “Kay Kay, how is your swimming?  What did you do today?”

Kay Kay: blah blah blah (talking about the butterfly).

Kay Kay did cry at the end of the class, but not because of scare of swimming…  because

Kay Kay:  “…. Rafael put water in my goggles…”

Jay Jay: “Oh!  Ya, he is very naughty.”

Then the two kids went on talking about Rafael.

Kay Kay: “He spit into the pool today.”

Daddy: “Ya, I saw it too.  I wanted to call security guard to come and catch him.”

Blah blah blah.

It is a good thing to see the two brother talking to each other.

Putting them in a room, staying together from young is indeed a good choice.

FYI.  Both kids never sleep in the parent’s room.  We think it is a good way to raise the kid this way.

And we start seeing the result of this.

J & K, the two loving brothers that never see them quarrel.  


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