Jay’s New Junior Golf Cart from Amazon

Date:  Aug 31, 2014

Jay Jay going to play a lot of golf on the golf course from now on.

This is Jay Jay teeing off from hole #2 @ 9 hole Millennium Course.  He is enjoying every moment of it!

So, I need to buy a small junior golf cart / trolley for him.  Instead of him carrying the bag and exhaust his energy.

However, I have search thru quite a number of golf shop here in Singapore and they do not carry any golf trolley for kids.

So, the only solution I had is to order it via Amazon.

IMG 0200

7 days later, the goods came.  It is very easy to assemble it.

It is very light.

IMG 9672

The brand is called Young Gun Junior Golf Cart (They don’t call it Trolley in US).

IMG 9677

The handle can be extended.  The wheels can be folded up into very small too.  This is after everything is unfolded.

IMG 9678

Just nice.

IMG 9679

It is quite convenient.  So, I don’t have to waste too much energy to carry my bag.

IMG 9680

Today is the first time Jay Jay uses this bag.  He likes it a lot.  Better than him carrying the bag.

IMG 9879

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