Really Don’t Know What Is He Doing… HaHa

Date:  Jan 18, 2014

Once a while, it is fun to watch what Jay Jay is doing.

He is doing his CMA homework.  Let’s check out how he come up with answers.

IMG 8424

CMA has both Mental Arithmetics and Abacus Arithmetics. 

Seems like very easy questions.

IMG 8429

I watched from behind how he does the abacus calculations.  

And I am totally lost.  Wahahahahahaha

But to him, he seems to know how to visualise (-8 = -10 + 2) or (-7 = -10 +3 = -10 + 5 – 2)

I was completely lost there.  But I am glad that Jay Jay knew the basic concepts.

IMG 8435

I did not get the chance to learn Abacus when I was young.  But I do see quite impressive improvement from Jay benefited from this class.  Although it is not MOE syllabus, but it helps Jay Jay to learn that there are many ways of dong computations.  

And only last week that I learned that parents (we) need to help mark their homework as teacher will not mark it for us.  So, that is why I need to take a look at what he is doing so that I can mark his work at the same time.  For 1 whole year, I thought that Jay Jay did the homework and the teacher will correct it when he go to the class.  But I was wrong unfortunately.  Wahahahaha

But it is fun!

IMG 8437

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