Little Engineers

Date:  Jan 18, 2014

Although they are only 7 years old coming to 8.  But their mind has been trained to program their Lego Motor to do angular turning.  Of course they have not learned all these from school, but in the Wonders Work Robotics workshops, they already know the concept.

 IMG 8419

Teacher Enzo teaching them how to rotate, rotate to what degree so to make their Ball Coaster work.

IMG 8404

Yes!  It is called a ball coaster.  The ball will be like a roller coaster go from one place to the original point, and the robotic arm will move them to the higher ground and start the roll again.

IMG 8410

See Jay’s Ball Coaster in action.

The ball will keep on going and going and going…

Wow.  Jay Jay has attended this almost 24 weeks already.  And up till now all the projects has not been repeated yet.  Which is good.  I planed to signed him up for the next term. 🙂

IMG 8422

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