The Star Wars Monopoly

Date:  Jan 19, 2014

Every since the last Taiwan trip, when Isabella introduced Monopoly Deal card games to the kids, Jay Jay suddenly felt strong interest in Board Games.  So, I bought this Star Wars Monopoly from Amazon for him.

IMG 8477

OK.  Let’s unbox it.

IMG 8478

The republic credits.  It’s same value as our normal set.  $1 to 1 credit.

IMG 8501

Quite nice packaging.

IMG 8481

The house (settlement) and hotel (city).  Those white colour pieces are the settlement.  

IMG 8482

The grey colours are city.  So, you build 4 settlements then you can build the city.

IMG 8483

Emperor.  Dart Sidious.

IMG 8486


IMG 8487

Dart Vadar.

IMG 8488

Dart Maul.

IMG 8489

Obiwan Kenobi.

IMG 8490

General Grevious.

IMG 8491

Princess Leia.

IMG 8492

Luke Skywalker.

IMG 8493

Chance card is the Sith card.

IMG 8494

Nice photos.  Looks similar to the original Chance Card.

IMG 8497

The Jedi Card is the Community Card.

IMG 8495

Similar as the Sith cards.

IMG 8496

The title deed cards.  Same colour sets.

IMG 8499

Cool space ships cards replaces the railway cards.

IMG 8504

The utility cards is replaced by the Death Stars cards.

IMG 8505

The title deeds sittings in the bank box nicely.

IMG 8503

Nice banker box.

IMG 8506

The game board.

IMG 8507

The game board looks pretty much the same but the name of the locations are Star Wars related.

IMG 8508

Let’s roll the dice.

IMG 8500

Spent 2-3 minutes read the How to play manual.  Everything pretty much the same.  There is a shorter way to play too.  And they provide the rules for the short play.

IMG 8513

Me and Jay is playing.  And we need not to roll the dice.

IMG 8512

Even a 4 years old can play too.  How?

Well, he rolls dices for both of us.

IMG 8517

I must say, he is having fun!

IMG 8518

Both kids love it!

IMG 8521

Even I also like to play.

IMG 8524

And monopoly now becomes one of the favourite board games where Jay Jay understand how to play.

Yeah!  I got 2 settlements!

IMG 8533

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