Apple Watch Series 5

Date: Oct 13, 2019

My Apple Watch Series 5 – Nike edition finally came.

I used to wear Tissot watch with compass.

I also have a few Garmin Golf watch. But that is only for Golf, when you need GPS and the golf course info to play golf.

Ever since Apple come up with Apple Watch, I have been using it.

The biggest thing in serious 4 was enabling the e-Sim with SingTel’s NumberShare plans.

Now, this year, 2019 version of the Apple Watch is Series 5 and the biggest thing to go for is the “Always On” feature.

The packaging is getting standard and in line with the usual Apple packaging.

I remember the previous few version comes with rather “expensive” boxes.

The changing from series 4 to series 5 is quite easy too. You bring your iPhone near to the new watch, and it automatically setup in such a way that you can have multiple watch at the same time. When you wear that watch, and that watch will automatically be activated with your Apple Watch app on your iPhone. That is a cool feature.

That means, if you wear your watch the whole day and wanted to go to bed straight away, you can jut put down this watch, and wear your series 4, and it automatically will sync data to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Why do you want to do that? Because you might want to track your sleep. Hahahaha

For me, I just find time to charge my Watch and wear the same watch to sleep.

Batter Life: For my normal usage, 6am wake up, 7am go do exercise, 8am go swim in the pool, then take shower, then, be out side, office, drinking until 7-8pm come back, for that kind of usage, with most notifications turn on, I end up the day with 35%-40% of battery left each day.

Then, I will charge my Apple Watch series 5 for 1 hour or so, so that it goes back up to 100% before I wear it to sleep to track my sleep.

Of course, when you wake up the next day, you can charge it while you having shower, cool down, breakfast, etc. So, I can continue wearing my watch for almost 22 hours per day.

This is probably my best Watch Face.

It tells your time.

It tells your the date.

It tells you what is your heart beat for the day (top left corner). In this example, I just finished my swim and walk. So, it recorded highest heart beat is 153bpm and the lowest being 62bpm (resting).

I have my HeartAnalyzer running in the middle to give me a 3Hrs overview on my heart rate. I was doing exercise for the past 2Hrs that is why the heart rate is like this.

Then, I have my Work Out app on the bottom right corner. Once I press it, I usually will track my exercise for Outdoor Walk/Run, Pool Swim and Indoor Cycling.

Of course, you need music to go with it. So, my favorite play list has been downloaded onto the Apple Watch. So, all I need is to wear my AirPods and I can do exercise and listen to inspiration music.

Lastly, the left bottom corner show me the Apple Activity Ring. That is your motivator per day to get all 3 rings.

I just love this Watch Face and It is customizable.

Of course, sometimes, when I need to feel formal, I will use this new Apple Watch IOS watch face.

See the “Always On” feature in action. So, when you raise your arm, it will give some lights and show you the watch face. When you put your hand down, the screen turns dark, like dark mode, and you can still see the watch. That is useful. Because that is for other people to tell time, by peaking into your friends watch to tell time. Hahahaha

Having use the Apple Watch for few years, 5-generations, here are my thoughts.

1. It is really a health tracking device. I used to own many many Fitbits, but I found that Fitbits are no as durable as Apple Watch. And the information given is much extensive too.

2. The Always On feature is the key buying point for this Series 5. Can you live without it, I say, after you use it, I think it is kind of hard to put it down.

3. The e-Sim is important. For example, I went for a swim, I got my lift key card, I got my towel, and I have changed into swimming trunks. When you jump into the water, then, you realize, where is my Goggles? Of course, I won’t bring down my iPhone as I need to put it on the chair with my towel, so there is no way to protect it while I am swimming. So, having Apple Watch Series 5, I not only can track my swim, I can also make calls in the middle of the pool, “Auntie, can you bring down my goggles? I am at the pool”… You can all any one as it is a “mini-phone”

4. It is also your wallet. Means, you can pay money using it. Paywave or Apple Pay. It is useful.

5. Useful app such as the Night Sky, Star Walk 2, are useful for instant info about star gazing.

6. You can download music, podcast as well as Audible audiobooks on it. And listen to it using a wireless headsets or AirPods.

7. Auto sleep app to keep track your sleep. Make sure you got quality sleep.

8. It comes with a Compass app.

So, I love my Apple Watch. My contractor friend asked me why I don’t invest in a Rolex or other expensive watch. I told him, I invest in Apple Shares, so I can change watch and phone every year. Hahahaha AAPL just hit all time high in 52 weeks just this week. Just checked… US$236.21… Go go Apple…

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