Star Gazing – October 12

Date: Oct 12, 2019

This week is very wet, a lot of cloudy sky.

Today, it rained very early in the afternoon, and we managed to see some nice clear sky. Can’t see a lot of stars.

Jay has finally figure out how to improve the image taking for me by mix and matching the Barlow lens and eye pieces, etc.

So, I managed to capture this. But the “zoom” version is like this, cannot take the whole moon, we also figure out that by adding the “length” (more Barlow lens), it will enlarge or zoom the image from the Telescope.

But I am happy with the moon I see tonight.

With additional Barlow lens, the image enlarge.

Yesterday, by the time the drizzling stop, Jupiter has went home. So, we can only see Saturn. So we try to get a better Saturn.

But then, the clouds started to move in, so, the Saturn getting more blur.

This is Jay Jay’s toys now. All the different barlow lenses, and eye pieces and filter.

We need to solve the moon light too bright problem. As you can see from the floor, at the upper left, that reflection on the ground is the light from the moon. When we go and see it from the eyepiece the light From the moon was so bright and it reflects on our face too.

So, we need to figure what filter we need to have. All existing filters are dealing with light pollutions. As the sun eclipse coming soon, I think I need to buy some special filter for it too.

And I also bought a new Celestron phone adapter that can deal with 2″ lens and eyepiece.

Yesterday, we have tried this. But some how we cannot find the stars. So, need to figure out how to make it work next time. I think is about focusing. But we usually focus on the telescope, there is no focus on the camera. Oh, may be I forgot to set to manual focus. Hahaha…

JAy Jay is trying to get it to work.

So, he needs to back and fort switching to camera and eye pieces.

Some friends came to celebrate his birthday, so, they also get the chance to do star gazing.. yeah….

And we can play fireworks too. Hahaha

Yeah, slow-mo on Fireworks.. Nice…

Another one… but this time, I threw the fireworks into the flower pots… hahahahaha

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