Gadget Notes – Hulu – What I Watching Tonight?

Date:  Feb 15, 2016

Netflix has stirred up a lot of noise lately.

1.  Netflix has enter the International market.  You thought it is good, but end up you get a lousy collection of movies/TV shows.  According to news paper reporting, you get only 10-15% of the US library.  That is because there are many movies and TV shows has copyright, and Netflix simply cannot bring it to outside of US.

2.  Netflix has vowed to stop non-US location to get their US movie library thru VPN.  So, they are going to crack it down so that you, who is located in Singapore subscribe to watch “Singapore-version” of Netflix.

My friends asked me what am I watching nowadays.

I told them, I am watching the latest US TV series thru using the Hulu App on

1. Apple TV

2. Amazon Fire TV.

3.  iPhone / iPad / iPad Pro

I love Hulu more than Netflix!

IMG 1640

I used to hate Hulu.

I hated it so much that I refuse to watch anything on Hulu.

Because last time, to watch their show, you are forced to see their advertisement. 

And oh boy, their advertisement are really long.

Just as you thought you have finished watching the advertisement, there are more advertisement in a show.  About 4-5 advertisement.

Recently, they have come up a “No Commercials” version.

Paying another US$4.00 more.  (US$11.99 per month instead of US$7.99 per month).

And after I have changed my subscription, I love Hulu.  

With Hulu, you don’t need to download from Torrent anymore.  It is the right way!

Screen Shot 2016 02 15 at 9 41 27 PM

Hulu is competitor to Netflix.

Hulu is joint venture or joint investment from some major TV powerhouse in US.  All these network work together on a single platform to give you the latest TV shows.

All shows are latest.  You can’t get these from Netflix sometimes.

As it is somethings exclusive on a certain Network, such as Fox, ABC, etc.

Let me show you what I am watching, then you know why I love Hulu so much.

[Caution!!] You need a VPN to watch Hulu.  If you subscribe to ViewQwest with Freedom VPN or other equivalent from other ISP, then, you are all set.  Subscribing to Hulu should be easy, once you are in Geo Lock unlock environment, you can access to the Hulu sign up page.  There, you simply key in your credit card (without even change the ZIP code, you can place your Singapore credit card there.

IMG 1642

The X Files.  Nice to catch up with Fox mulder and Scully.  They look very old, aging in the show.  But the conversation still fun!

IMG 1643

My sons are watching Master Chef Junior.  Season 4.

IMG 1645

This is the TV series for Tom Cruise’s movie.

IMG 1646

NBC only has one TV show I am following.  But they have a lot of cool old 70’s and 80’s TV series.

IMG 1647

Although is a bit slow the story line but I still enjoy watching the latest series of Heroes Reborn.

IMG 1650

Don’t miss the Saturday Night Live.  Have you seen the episode where they have Adam Driver, The Star Wars Kylo Ren going undercover.  So funny!

IMG 1648

Battlestar Galactica.  The original series.

IMG 1653

Don’t make me angry.  You won’t like me when I’m angry.  The Incredible Hulk.

IMG 1654

From Comedy Central, you have the South Park cartoon.

IMG 1655

ABC has the most show I am watching.

IMG 1657

Learn from the doctors.  

IMG 1658

Agents Carter.

IMG 1659

Who is the terrorist from Quantico?

IMG 1660

Agents of Shield.

IMG 1661

Some cartoons from Nickelodeon are not bad too!

IMG 1663

Kung Fu Panda.

IMG 1664

The Penguins of Madagascar.

IMG 1665

CW network.

IMG 1666

Legends of Tomorrow.

IMG 1667

The Flash

IMG 1668


IMG 1670

The 100.

IMG 1669

Watching Ancient Aliens on The History Channel.

IMG 1674

Documentary.  National Geographic Channel.

IMG 1677

Animal Planet.

IMG 1682

Discovery Channel.

IMG 1687

Anime.  Some dup, some sub.

IMG 1683

Korean and Japanese shows.  In English subtitle.

IMG 1688

Look what I found.

IMG 1692

And Gatchman.

IMG 1693

That is how I spent my free time, when I am not teaching my sons, not playing with them either, not exercising, not sleeping, etc.

I already got hooked on Hulu.  I have not even check out the movie sections yet.  All these TV programs will eat up all my time.


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