Jay’s Golf Lesson Updates April 26

Date:  Apr 26, 2015

This is what Jay Jay likes.  I can see he always enjoying playing golf.  

Being 8 years old, still not fully learning it.  But I think he already did quite well against some of his classmates who is much elder than he is. 

Yes, I know, he has a Science test tomorrow which worth 10%, but as long as he already done his revisions, there is no point not letting him to enjoy his interest.  HaHaHa…

IMG 1461

Hole #1.  Still a little bit over-swing when bringing the driver back, but no complaint from his coach.  Coach Muthu actually claps his hand.  So. I guess is OK.  Later, he spent quite a number of putts on the green that has severe slops to reach the pin.   That’s fine. 

Hole #2.  Another claps from his coach.  But this swing is over-swing at the back again.  I think have to teach him more how to control the back swing.

As you can see the Monkeys are all out playing at the field.  🙂

IMG 1471

The second shots is a bit too light.  He should have full swing the shot.  But he didn’t and he will need to hit another shot.

The third shots of Hole #2.  This time, with a full swing of sand watch, puts the ball on the green near the pin.  He left with 6-7 feet to putt.

Nice Putt Jay!  1 foot from the hole.  The line is correct.  

Even the Komodo Dragon came out.

IMG 1511

Hole #3.  Giant shot, but still need to hit his over-swing problem.

Not too bad, but the direction is way off.

He seems to have problem hitting the uphill shot.  Always put in too much strength.

The sky is not looking good at all.

IMG 1496

Although raining, another giant shot (can hear from the ping sound of the driver hitting).  

OK.  After this hole, the marshall found me and asked me to leave.  🙂  I was not wearing my golf shoe and I was not wearing a collar golf shirts too.  And I am not allowed to follow my son as I am not a player at the time.  hahahahaha  They managed to play hole #4.  Jay tee-off a very nice tee shot at hole #5.  And the thunder alarm finally came out.

Since I am not travelling too much in June Holidays, I think I will bring him to golf course and give him some tips on how to hit a certain shots.  He did good in the stance when standing on the uneven slopes.  Surprisingly.

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