Walking Fun – Pandan Rerservoir

Date:  Apr 23, 2015

To be healthier, every morning, you should do some exercise.

For me, I either do cycling for 20KM or do walking.

Recently I found a great place to walk.

Pandan Reservoir.

IMG 1305

Yeap!  It is a big pool of water and you just walk one round of it.

IMG 1297

The sun looks peaceful.

IMG 1298

That day, when I first walk on this route, I started my journey at the beginning here.  I looks like a decent walk.

IMG 1233

After walking for 2KM and everything start to turn “small”.  There is no turning back now.  You got to explore further to see what’s out there.

IMG 1235

The entire journey is this kind of sandy beach road.

IMG 1239

Very long stretch of road.  Peaceful.  It seems a lot of people does not know about this route like that.  This is the second time I am on this route, but I only see less than half a dozen people in the morning.

IMG 1299

Spotted a plant that I have never seen before.

IMG 1295

There seems to be a boat rowing club here.  The people are training how to row a boat.

IMG 1240

They kept their boat on this side, at their club house here.

IMG 1245

Another few KM left and I am done.

IMG 1303

One whole round is 6KM.  From here to my home is 2.5KM one trip.  So, everyday I will walk about 11-13KM like that.  Great exercise.

IMG 1247

Of course, don’t forget to eat healthy too.

IMG 1287

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