Don’t Play iPad Lah! Play "Left Center Right" Dice Game

Date:  Apr 20, 2015


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Updates:  Can you believe it?  My kids only asked for iPad only on last Friday!  That is when both myself and my wife have to go for our dinner appointment, and we let the kids spent some time on iPad.  It seems that they have not asked for iPad for a long time.  And in the last two weeks, I believe they only touched iPad 3 times in 14 days.  That is very good and it is a proof that you can get rid of the iPad addiction for your kids.  I will keep up this good work, and thru introduction of new board games or dice games every 1-2 weeks.  My kids enjoyed it very much!


Today, I introduced the kids to Left Center Right Dice Game.  I often call it “Left Right Center”.

IMG 1185

It is a very simple Dice Game.  There are 4 different symbol on the dice.  

L – means pass your chip to the player sitting on your left.

R – means pass your chip to the player sitting on your right.

C – means pass your chip to the centre pool.  This is the winning pot of money.  The last player who still have chip left will win this pot of money (chips).

IMG 1193

Black Dot – do nothing 

IMG 1194

Simple enough?

IMG 1186

There are additional rules:

If you have only 2 chips left, you only roll 2 dices.

If you left with 1 chip, you roll 1 dice.

If you do not have enough chips, open a pack of peanuts and play with peanuts.

IMG 1187

Let’s play!

To start the game, you must have at least 3 players.

And each player are given 3 chips.

IMG 1190

Go buy a dice roller tower.  It help you to roll your dice evenly.

IMG 1196

#1 – Kay’s turn.  He rolled 2x R, means, he has to give 2 chips to the person sitting on his right.  

IMG 1198

So, he gave two chops to Jay Jay who is sitting on his right hand side.  

I always asked the kid to use his RIGHT hand to give the chip to the person who is sitting on his right.  Easy enough?

IMG 1199

#2 – It’s my turn.  And I rolled 2x R.  So, I need to give 2x Chips to Kay Kay.

IMG 1200

#3 – It is Jay’s turn.  So, you play in clockwise direction.

IMG 1202

Jay rolled 1x L.  So, he has to give 1 chip to Kay.

IMG 1204

#4 – Kay Kay rolled 3x black dots.  So, do nothing for his turn.

IMG 1205

#5 – I rolled a single dice as I left with only 1 chip.  And I rolled a “R”.  So, I have to give my last chip to Kay.

IMG 1206

After I lose all the chip, I am still playing.

Because either player can end up give me some chips back too.

If it is my turn and I have no chip, then, I simply pass the dice to the next player as I don’t need to roll the dice.

IMG 1207

#6 – Finally, some one rolled a “C”.  And he placed 1x chip in the center pool.

 IMG 1208

#7 – Kay Kay rolled a “L”.

IMG 1209

See, I am back to alive again.  I gain 1x chip from Kay Kay. 

IMG 1210

#8 – As I only have 1 chip left, I get to roll only 1 dice.  And “C” where I will need to place 1 chip in the centre pool.

IMG 1211

#9 – Jay rolled 2x “C”.  So, he has to place the 2x chips in the center pool.

 IMG 1212

#10 – Kay Kay also place 2x chips into the center pool by rolling 2x “C”.

IMG 1213

#11 – I have no chip, so skipped me.  It’s Jay’s turn.  And he rolled a “Dot”.  Where he do nothing.

IMG 1214

#12 – Kay Kay also very lucky and threw 2x “Dot”.  Means nothing happened.

IMG 1217

#13 – After thirteen turns, Jay rolled a “C” and placed his last chip in the centre pool.

IMG 1218

Kay Kay won 7 chips as he take away his winning from the centre pool.  He is left with 2 chips, which he returned back for the next game.

IMG 1219

Next round, I won 8x chips.

And at the 3rd round, Kay Kay won another 7x chips.

So, all together, Kay Kay is the champion. 

IMG 1220

As you can see, Kay Kay is the clear winner.

The game mechanic is very simple and easy to understand.

He has been winning all the board games in style.

IMG 1222

HaHaHa… I still got a lot of board games to cover.  I will make sure my kids love to play board games.  It is a social games, and if he can play with his friends from time to time, all of the kids will enjoy the games.

IMG 1224

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