Jay & His First Computer Assembled by Himself

Date:  Apr 20, 2015

As a parent, you are in charged of what your child can learn, will learn, would learn.

Opportunity must be given to them when you see they have slight interest in anything.

Remember Steve Jobs?  Remember Bill Gates?  What did their parents gave them when they were young?

If you have not read the book “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell, I suggest you get a copy and read it.

After Jay has attended almost 3 years of Lego Robotics programming class @ Wonders Work at Liang Court, I decided to open up a whole new arena for him this year in P3.

I made him build and make his own computer.  🙂 

IMG 1128

The other day, I saw this Kano Computer Kit while surfing the web.  It was one of the successful Kickstarter project that aims to teach kids how to program at young age.

IMG 1049

It is marketed as “Lego Style” of building computer.

Kids love Lego.  Who doesn’t?  

Lego is easy.

Lego is like read the building instruction manual, and assemble the parts together.

So, for Kano Computer Kit, you have all the parts.

And the aim is to assembled everything together.

Of course, nowadays with Raspberry Pi around, it makes it easy for kids to learn computing.  Real computing.


IMG 1051  1

Following instruction is very easy.  Everything is color coded.  And it is easy to build.

IMG 1063

The building manual is 52 pages.  All have big huge diagram and simple English instruction.

IMG 1126

I gave the box to Jay.  I told him to pack his school bag before doing it while I take shower.  When I come out from the Shower, he already started building his fist computer.  So, I am guessing it is easy to follow the instruction.

IMG 1125

Now everything is done, let’s hook up the wire.  All wires and cables are color coded.  Just follow the instruction, and you know where to hook things up.

IMG 1130

Last touch.  Hook the HDMI cable to the monitor.  

IMG 1133

Turn on the power.  And the computer is powered.  It even comes with its own speaker.  All the instruction will be read out from this powerful speaker.  Very loud.

IMG 1134

And the Kano computer boot up.  This is the first time Jay see so many words that he does not understand.

So, I told him, this is NOT WINDOWS.  This is not Apple MacOS.  This is KANO OS, which is a different OS, and it is derived from LINUX.

Linux lives!  This is what geeky daddy will do to his geeky son.  Exposing him to real computers.

IMG 1135

The greeting command line come to alive.  This is Jay’s first encounter of “Command Line”.  hahahaha

IMG 1138

Jay is learning how to use the touch pad, and keyboard.

IMG 1140

The keyboard is a little bit small for Jay.

IMG 1120

It is USB charged.  And bluetooth keyboard.

IMG 1121

The USB power adapter.  Of course in red color code.

IMG 1122

Green dongle is WiFi dongle.  

IMG 1123

When there is WiFi activities, the green dongle will blink blink blink.

IMG 1148

The heart of the computer.  A Raspberry Pi (first gen) B+ model.  With the casing.

IMG 1124

The color coded cables.  HDMI and Power USB cable.

IMG 1053

The key is to build it.

IMG 1055

All the components.

IMG 1056

How every thing is connected.

IMG 1057

How you attach the mini SD card.  That is where the OS is stored.

IMG 1060

I really love their easy follow manual.  Jay has no problem following the instructions.

IMG 1080

Don’t forget to allow your young son to watch too.  Build up his interest.

IMG 1144

Isn’t it great that you are greeted by the computer to tell you “Congratulations!   You made a computer!”

IMG 1145

What’s next.  That is why the second book is provided.  To teach kids about how to make simple games using python, Scratch and many more.

IMG 1083

Step by step, the kids learned how to connect to Internet.

IMG 1147

And Jay now going into the Tutorial sessions to learn how to use everything.  It is a GUI so, it is easy for him to navigate.


IMG 1150

It comes with the lesson and course to get kid up to speed to tell them what is computer programming.  Jay is learning Snake and Pong now.  They use the most unique method to teach kids about these concepts.  By first learning what can a program do.  Using python.  How to configure or change the parameters.  Soon, next weekend, he will learn how to make Minecraft.  hahaha his own Minecraft.

IMG 1085

It is that easy.  And he started to learn how computer come together.

IMG 1087

How to print “Hello World!”

IMG 1088

From simple to basic.

IMG 1096

How computer started from text based game into colourful games we see today.

IMG 1097

His favourite section coming up.  

IMG 1105

Its fun 2-3 hours time for him to play this.

This is how a geeky daddy trains his geeky son about computer programming. 

IMG 1152

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