Fixing Jay’s Golf Swing

Date:  Apr 19, 2015

I always enjoyed sitting near to Jay’s golf class.

You always can learn a lot of tips too.

May too Jay did not have time to do a lot of practise, that is why, I found that he started to have a habit of swinging his own style which some times can be wrong.

Like this one, he did over swing a bit.

IMG 1032

His iron shot is quite OK.  He just need to adjust the strength control.

IMG 1034

In the class, he did have some problem hitting good shots from his driver.  

And from this photo, you can tell.  His stance is not wide, and he cannot hit a stable shot from a narrow stance.

IMG 1036

He felt a bit of demoralise too, as he did not hit as well as a few of his classmates.  But most of his classmates had been in the class for many years, and they are much older too.  Jay is the youngest in the class.

So, I told him not to feel sad about.

Like the blue shirt red pants boy in above photo, I think he must be secondary school by now, and he is very big size.  He is hitting almost 200 meter from his driver.  No wonder Jay will fill a bit demoralise in this.  hahaha In my opinion, Jay is doing fine for his age.

Let’s fix it!

So that next week he can hit a few pretty good shots.

1.  it is his stance.  When he hit a driver shot, his stance is always too narrow.  So, I taught him to open his legs to very wide.  A bit wider than his shoulder.  He is a bit over swing in this video. 

2.  And he corrected his over swing by controlling the back swing.  I asked him to do some baseball shot at horizontal level.  Then, at the knee level.  And lastly, apply it to the hitting ball level.  So, he understand not to overswing.  

3.  Every shot must take Slow-Mo video to analyse his swinging motion.  It is easy to see the error and from there try to fix it.  I showed this to him as his left feet always move a lot during the downward swing.  That is why minor chicken wings will come out.

4.  One of the good shot.  You notice that there is no ball.  But I put a long tee there for him to hit the tee.

5.  A bit over swing, but the shot is good.  And we do all these practise downstairs.  So, this week, I will try to ask him to practice on daily basis and try to muscle memorise the swing.  So to keep reminding him, wider stance and no over swing.

I love the slow mo videos.  It let you see very clearly what you do wrong.

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