The Mille Crepe Birthday Cake

Date:  Jul 27, 2015

Someone turned 40 recently.  Happy Birthday James!  Welcome to the 40’s club.

So, we decided to have a durian party.  And we stick the 40 years old candle onto the 葫芦王 (Hulu King) from Penang.  Terrence bought that durian from Still road, and it’s ~$70.

IMG 6979

This is probably the first time I ate Hulu King durian.  It looks like this.

IMG 6988

Neh…. Of course, we prepared a cake for him.  

This is the Millie Crepe cake.

And we placed a fresh 40 years old candle for the proper birthday cake.  Nobody knows what is inside.

Every one knew their stomach is darn full after the durian.  I think we opened 11-12 durians that night?

Not to mentioned after my bee-hoon and bak-kit-teh surpassingly “light dinner”.

IMG 6989

Happy James with his second birthday treat of the night.

IMG 7008

Check out the cake.  This is Mille Crepe cake.  And it is like kueh lapis.

IMG 7005

In between the layers of crepes, there are some vanila cream and top with some burnt caramel.  You can tell making one of this is no joke in spending the long hours.

Despite of our very full stomach, every one manage to eat a piece of this and taste the good taste.  Not too bad at all.

IMG 7007

You know … I went there 4 times trying to buy the cake.  First two times during Chinese New years where they close for 2 weeks.  Then, they close on a certain day of the week too.  I think is Monday.  Then, another occasion, they close for some reason.  Only this time, the 5th time, we finally make it to the place and order it.  

And it is at the similar price range of the Hulu King.  But its worth it.  Nice cake!

IMG 7006

That ends our Durian party.  Terry and Laurel came later with more durians.  hahahaha

IMG 7026

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