Very Delicious Penang Restaurant

Date:  July 25, 2015

Today is National Youth Day.

I took a day off to spent time with the kids.  So strange, they always busy during the weekend because of the enrichment classes.

Only time to go cycling is on this sort of holidays.  Kind of nice to have such holiday.  🙂 

IMG 7078

We cycled to West Coast Park today.  The round trip journey takes about 17.24KM.

During lunch hour, we quickly stop at this restaurant.  

Just 10 minutes before 12 noon.  We reached at this restaurant at Clementi West St. 2.

IMG 7149

Island Penang Kitchen.

They used to be at China Town. 

And only recently they moved to Clementi.

Sometimes I do my morning walk, I walked passed this restaurant.

IMG 7115

And we ordered three of this Penang’s famous food!

IMG 7116

The Penang Fried Kway Teow is very nice.  The sweet sauce that they used to fried the Kway Teow is the authentic Penang one.  Very nice, and taste very good.  I like it. 

IMG 7097

The Penang laksa is very nice.

Quoted my wife saying: “This is the best Penang Laksa I have eaten for the last 10 years…”.  Very authentic.

IMG 7098

Especially with the prawn paste.

IMG 7096

And I ordered myself the Special Prawn Mee.

IMG 7107

Just look at it.  It is one of the only expensive dish they have.  $15 per bowl.  The rest of the food are $5 to $7.  

Why this one so expensive?

IMG 7108

Because got scallop.

Few big prawns.  A note about the prawns, very big and fresh.  That is why the prawn soup base is nice. 

IMG 7109

The Tu-Kar (Pork Leg Meat) looks damn shiok.

IMG 7110

Tu-Pee.  Pig Skin.  Very tender and nice.

IMG 7111

Pork Lard.  Overall, nice.  I like the Prawn Mee soup.

IMG 7112

Golden Fried Rice.

IMG 7104  1

At first I ordered the fried rice for Kay.  But he does not like it.  So, we let him taste the Char Kway Teow.  And he loves it!  This is the first time Mr. Kay eat fried kway teow and say it is very nice.  

IMG 7105

So, this Penang famous food place is really live up to the “famous” word.  Nice!

IMG 7103

Not expensive.

Every thing is like $5-$6.  Only my Special Prawn Noodle is costly.  

I think I will come here and eat quite often.  🙂

IMG 7117

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