RIP Molly

Date:  July 27, 2015

I was going to toilet the other day in the morning.  

And I saw the most terrifying things.

A cockroach.

A huge cockroach is moving inside my toilet.

And it suddenly struck me!

By the way, Molly passed away last Sunday (July 19).

For those who does not know, Molly is a pure breed ragdoll from Australia.

And she has been with us for 14 years.

IMG 2694

This is what he looks like 14 years ago.


A fun, little cat.  

Molly lazy 1

This was shot on July 19, 2001.  When we first got the cat across the street from a pet shop in Holland Village.

Ken molly

My home does not have cockroach problem for so many years.  The two cats has done a great job to make cockroach and lizards stay away from our home.

Mel Mel (a local Tonkinese cat) passed away 3 years ago.  And now, Molly follow him. 

Sometimes, they also play with the Ants.  (Sorry Antman!)  She actually squashed the ants on the floor.  

Very fun cat.  

So, after she has gone.

Last Tuesday, I saw a cockroach.

Last Saturday, the ants storms my sweet mangosteen.

And yesterday, an ugly lizard jumped onto our dining table.  

So, I think we need some help.  We need the cat power again to help us keep all these bad cockroach, lizards away.

At the mean time… R.I.P. Molly.  We will miss you. 

IMG 6254

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