Blue Sky – The New Cats Story So Far …

Date:  July 30, 2015

The Old Cat

Last Sunday, Molly (our 14 years old cat) passed away.

Last Wednesday, a rather big cockroach running around in the toilet.  Must be coming up from the drain, climb 15 floors up.

Haiz, no more Molly, means, cockroaches and lizards will rule again some day.

Must find a solution.

The New Cats

Meet Blue Blue.

We named this cat Blue because, he is a ragdoll, and his eyes are blue.  Very blue.

He is an Australian cat, and his real name is Bentley.

Now, he is “Blue Bentley Liew” on the registration.

He sort of looks a lot like my old cat that died 3 years ago.  Mel Mel, a Siamese-Tonkinese cross breed cat who was 11 years old and died of illness 3 years ago.

Blue’s character is just like Mel Mel.  He is Jay’s cat.

IMG 7124

This is Blue.

IMG 7125

Yesterday, my wife reported that Blue caught a lizard in the toilet.  Good job Blue.  Too bad, there is no footage on that.

This morning, when I wake up and go to the toilet.

I saw this amazing scene.

Blue Blue caught a cockroach and play with it until the cockroach died.

Wahahahahahaha!  Good job Blue! 

IMG 7209

Very good job!  Well done Blue.  Blue – Just like the Velociraptor in Jurassic World.  (No Charlie and Echo).  

Blue hunts at night and keep the house clear of roaches.

And he likes to play with it after he caught it.  It is his trophy.

I quickly take it away and wipe his feet.  Good job!

You have earned your stay in this home.  hahahaha

Did I mentioned that, there is a younger cat too?  

He is three months younger than Blue.

IMG 7131

This got to be Kay Kay’s cat.  As this cat is very small size and thin.

Meet “Sky Liew”.

IMG 7121

Sky is a local breed ragdoll.  At the first glance, I saw Molly (our 14 years old cat who pass away last week) in the face.  He looks really like Molly when Molly was young.

IMG 7126

Molly is mistakenly labelled as a female cat at first at the Pet store.  

Only at night when we bring both the cat to do their first check up at Joyous Vet, Dr. Heng, our long term vet-friend-and-doctor told us, that Sky is actually a boy boy cat.

Oh well, sorry Boon, you are indeed out numbered at home.  2 male cats, 2 boys and a husband.  hahahahahaha

IMG 7146

Sky spent two nights sleeping in the kids room, as we need to separate both of them for few days before getting them to used to each other.  So that both cats well not fight.

And the kids love it.

IMG 7189

And we think it is about time to introduce young pets in the family for the kids.

This will teach them to be responsible.

It is very important to teach them such 爱心 since young. 

They will need to change their food, change the water, when they get older, may be clean up the poo, and wipe their eyes, and hands and legs… 

Play with them every day, etc.

IMG 7137

Our previous 2 cats lives a long life.  So, let’s see whether this two can out beat them or not.  🙂

The new cats are our Blue Sky!

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