Mommy Let Me Use Her Camera

Date:  Aug 25, 2012

OK.  I don’t think there should be a line drawn when developing a child’s interest during such a young age.  They can learn anything as long as they like it and the parent does not force it.  

Jay Jay wanted to pick up yet another hobby.  Let’s look at what he has learned so far.

My first mistake was sending Jay Jay to a Tennis class when he was four years old (Tots Tennis @ Turf Club).  Initially I thought it was fun, and around that time, me and a few friends still playing tennis regularly.  I even bought a ball throwing machines (those professional one from US, and one for the kids too).  But that was just my thoughts… my dream of thinking Jay Jay can start learning how to play Tennis at young age.  I forgot to ask Jay Jay whether he likes it or not?  Well, the answer is quite simple… He does not likes it at all.  He could not return any more after many lessons.  So, after a term, we decided to stop the tennis lesson. 

IMG 0465

Then, one day, he asked mommy to buy a “Guitar”.  And mommy bought a guitar for him.  And he started to put the guitar on his shoulder.  And we both were shocked. “Son, that is not a guitar”.  Jay says, “Yes.  I want to learn this.”  Me and my wife looked at each other… Both of us never learn music, singing or instrument before… we cannot understand the bean sprout musical notes… By at the end, we asked Jay “Son, are you sure?”  Jay said, “Yes!”.  OK.  We bought him a violin (not a toy), and sent him to violin class.  Surprisingly, he still very interested in it up until today.  Not exactly very talent in it (because of the poor musical gene from me and my wife), but you can see he is putting efforts in learning it, and never stop learning it.

IMG 7090

Then, one day, he was playing in the pool, he saw all the small little kids can swim here and there… he said “Daddy, I want to learn swimming.”  I was so glad that he asked that.  So, immediately, we sign up the swimming class just at the swimming pool below our condo.  From teacher Angelina (teach young kids) to Coach Sunny (those doing laps), he has shown great interest in swimming.  Not exactly a good swimmer (again, both me and my wife does not have good swimming gene), but you can see him spent a lot of fun and efforts learning it.  And now he is not afraid of water.  That is the final purpose.


Then, this year, one fine day, Jay asked “Daddy, can I learn Taekwondo?”  So, I asked why?  He said that he heard it was fun!  He mentioned that Warden and Justin were in Taekwondo class.  Then, I tell him, “Yes, you can learn, but there is only one rule for learning Taekwondo, that is… after learning, if you ever use Taekwondo to beat up or bully other kids, my rottan will be waiting for you.  Taekwondo is for fitness, not bullying”.  He told me he understood, and I agreed.

 IMG 9468

After 9 weeks, he passed his first grading and got his yellow tip.  He was so happy.  And the 10 week, he already learned and finished the Yellow Tip Poomsae steps.  Of course, again, none of his parents are talented in Taekwondo.  So, we have to rely on youtube to teach him the steps.  And that day, he performs the Yellow Tip Poomsae, and I was proud of him.  He said “不要临时抱佛脚!” hahaha 


 Of course, he also just MASTERED riding a two wheels bicycle.  Both me and my wife are so happy about it.  He himself felt so confident and proud.  

 IMG 2967

 Of course, we have to thank Taekwondo for teaching him balancing, as well as his amazing scooter…  He learned to ride the two wheels and loose the training wheels just last week.

IMG 2979

 Now, it comes to the main topic of this blog.

 I bought Jay a Lumix point and shoot camera.  But I don’t think he likes that when he saw his role model, daddy and mommy is using DSLR cameras.  hahahaha… so, one fine day, he wanted to borrow mommy’s camera (the most expensive camera in this household) and try it out.  Mommy set it to automatic.  And he start shooting, checking his photos.

IMG 0343

Remember what I said… no line drawn when kids start asking to learn something on himself.

So mommy let him use the camera, and teach him how to shoot.

IMG 0345

From taking a blur, non-focus photo….

 IMG 2772

to taking ah-ma photo…

IMG 2786

And this….

IMG 2793

And this… (hahhaa, at least the focus is correct)

 IMG 2796

and this…

IMG 2799

I think he is doing well for his first day learning the DSLR.

IMG 0348

I got a funny feeling that Mommy will pass him her old DSLR – a Canon EOS400.  hahahaha

IMG 0350

I sneaked behind him and see what is he doing… he 试模式样 taking photo, checking photo, etc.. hahahaha



 So, the message today is…

1) Do not force your kid to learn things you like without asking them.  I know you have dreams, you did not learn during young age, but this is their life, and their destiny, so, let them have the right to choose their own hobby.

2) Expose them to as many things as possible, and let them choose what they want to learn.  They will tell you what they wish to learn.  Let it be their decisions.  And if possible, fulfil their wishes.

3) When a kid show a sign of learning, don’t stop it.  Be part of it.

Well done, Jay Jay!


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