A New Golf Driver

Date:  Sep 9, 2013

I bought Jay Jay a new Driver.  Later I will reveal what is that special weapon I bought him.  First, let’s relate it to some cool concept that I learned.

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What is Outliers?  In math, outlier means a data value that lies outside most of other data.  When it applies to people, an outlier is a person that is distinct from the majority. 

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If you have not read this book, suggest you go grab one and read.  This is a book I really like.  Especially all the chapters in the first part of the book – “opportunity”.  It gave me a lot of ideas on how I want to raise my kids.  There is no real genius in the world.  All genius went thru the hard time of learning, and they really have to spent 10,000 hours in order to be an expert.  So, that means, everyone has the equal opportunity to become an expert.  It all depends on how the unique opportunity was given, and how the unique experience has push that person to undergo 10,000 hours of training so to become an expert.

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It is all about opportunities that you create for your child.  You have to first create that opportunity, give your child the chance to learn, and then, thru hard work, preferably after 10,000 hours of practising it, then, there will be high chance for him to be success.  🙂

Of course, you have to decide what you want and how you want to “shape” your child from the beginning.  But as I always said, the child must or have to be fond of it before he can start to throw some love into the subject, sports that you want your child to learn.  If the child dislike the subject, no matter how hard you force, they will not listen, and they will not fall in love for it.  So, don’t force.  Let the child decide.  Try not to decide for your child.

So, after you have read the book, give some good thoughts, and then, you will realise that to raise a kid is to create accidental opportunity for your kid, and hope that your kid fall in love with it and willingly spent time on learning it.

Now, why am I talking so much on Outliers?

Well, people who know me well will know why.  HaHaHaHa… because I wanted to give myself a reason or justification for this.


I bought a Cobra AMP Cell Junior Driver for Jay Jay.  It comes with a cool Puma/Cobra Driver cap.  (on Jay’s head).

IMG 7222

The MyFly settings is set to be 14.5 degrees.

IMG 7220

Here are the specs.

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 9 59 48 PM

The Fujikura Fuel shaft is quite light.

IMG 7221

Let’s put it to test.  See how Jay Jay handle this Driver.

IMG 7206

Below is the sequence of 4 photos of his golf shot.  I must say, he has better swing than his old man (me).  Wha hahahaha.

IMG 7200IMG 7201IMG 7205IMG 7203

Let’s look it from the other angle.

IMG 7211

And PING…… Nice crystal crisp contact…

IMG 7212

Take a look at where all his ball he is hitting… Wow… I am impress.  hahaha Sweet spots..

IMG 7219

This is the first hit.  A bit awkward to handle such a long driver.  It is at least 15cm-20cm longer than his fairway wood.  The USKids golf set comes with a short fairway wood.  I don’t think it is suitable for him.  That is why I bought him this Cobra driver.  He tops the ball on his first hit.  But it is OK.  Let’s hit a few more balls.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/2YnRXnORClE

Here is a very good shot.  And he shoot 60m in the driving range and the ball still keep going.  OK.  If we add in another 20m for hitting a real ball at the course, then, he is hitting about 80m-90m with this new driver.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/Je1XibCRhgM

See that 50m board?  it is always in his way.  HaHaHa.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/HpAB_FpcmaI

This is the best shot that I can record in my video.  70 meter.  (in real situation, that equals to about 90 meter).  And later, he really hits a 80m short.  Good job Jay Jay!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/aPiKajYwd5k

 Let’s see how you play on this coming Friday.  Where Jay Jay going to Jurong JCC 5-hole executive course for the 3rd time.


1.  I bought a USKids golf set for Jay Jay.  He has been hitting well with this set.

2.  But he can’t manage to hit long hit.  That is because the USKids come with a fairway wood which we mistakenly thought it is a Driver.

3.  It is a short fairway wood and that explains why his ball cannot never go very far.

4.  So, instead of letting him fell disappointed why he cannot hit far, what I did is I order this Cobra driver from Amazon.

5.  Today, we let him try, and the coach actually said that this technology is good as no matter how much loft you switch to, the addressing is always square.

6.  So, what I did is to create a unique opportunity for Jay Jay to see his potential.  He has the potential to hit more than 100 meter.

7.  I demonstrated to him that the maximum that I can hit using his USKids fairway wood, I can only drive to 100 meter or so.

8.  But when I demonstrate using the Cobra AMP Cell, although is a Junior stick, I managed to hit it across 150 meter mark.  

9.  So, he knew that this Driver – the special weapon I bought for him is capable of doing 150-170 meter drive.

10.  He also knew that he can know hit more than 80 meter (100 meter in real course with real golf balls).  His interest in golf suddenly increase 100 times like that.

11.  So, we set target for him together with his involvement and opinion.  a) Get a Junior handicap by year end so that he can play with me at our club.  b) Go to executive course more often.  c) take part in competition when he is ready.

12.  I explained to him, golf is a unique sport that the golf ball is always on the ground and static there.  It is your the consistency of his swings that matters.  And golf is a good skill to have when he has social golf with friends to distress or to have business talk during golf game.

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