Jay Jay Cycling On The Road

Date:  Sep 9, 2013

On Sunday evening, the weather is so nice that we decided to go for a bicycle ride.  

Of course the younger one cannot ride so far, so, he chose to sit on mummy’s bicycle back seat.

You cannot see Kay Kay in the below photo.  But trust me, he is there.  He is just lying down there at the back seat enjoying the ride.  HaHaHa.

IMG 7158

So, since the bridge that go across AYE to the other side has been completed.  We decided to bring the kids there.

IMG 6575

Jay Jay learned how to use the correct track.  He was amaze with this.  And I am glad that he is discipline enough to use the correct track.

IMG 6573

One major break thru is that we taught him to change to lower gear to climb and then, always break to go down the slope.  And he actually follow all the instruction very well.  This is a great place to do training for him.  So that he got used to change his gear depending on situations.

IMG 6574

There you go.  Mr. Kay finally showed his face to the camera.  HaHaha

IMG 7161

We cycled across another road to the Pandan reservoir.  This is the first time the kids been to this reservoir.

IMG 7165

Here you can see quite nice sunset.  Next time I got to bring my Sony camera. 

IMG 7168

Same spot.  Forget about the sunset background.  Focus on face.  All very happy.

IMG 7169

Then, comes the real challenge.  We cross the road when we come back and ride across the traffic light.

IMG 7170

Then, we cross another.  Jay Jay was excited.  And he really follow all the instructions.  Daddy at front giving instructions, and mommy at the back to watch over him.  

IMG 7171

I shouted “Gear 1 or 2 Jay Jay!”

And there they come from behind not he middle lane.

IMG 7172

So, we continue cycle to another place, opposite Tradehub.  Jay Jay was thrill as this is the first time he has cycle so far.  

IMG 7173

During our journey back, we have to ride on a slope just pass Faber Crest.  And there are usually cars in and out that area.  Jay Jay riding in the middle ride carefully, follow every instruction we gave.  He was so excited when a few cars pass by him.  We told him have to be careful, always keep to the left of the traffic.  

This is a day to remember.  

Next time, we will ride the bike to West Coast Park from our home!

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