Urban Ski Lesson #2

Date:  Oct 3, 2015

Yippee!  Urban Ski re-open again after they successfully obtained the “Amusement Park License” from the government.

IMG 1366

So, we are back in here for the Ski training.

Mainly for Kay Kay.

IMG 1207

I am glad mommy can join in the fun too.

IMG 1227

The lone ranger at the back.  As usual.

IMG 1363

And Jay Jay started to remember the moves… embrace move.

IMG 1367

Don’t worry Kay Kay, the more you fell, the more you learn not to fall next time…

IMG 1261

All seems like having fun like that…

IMG 1260

Coach Aaron uses the hula hood to teach.

IMG 0273

The hula hood method seems to work… hahaha

IMG 1305

OK.  I am done!

IMG 1339

 Here are some video clips.

Small Pizza move front and Large Pizza move back.  Medium Pizza to stay.   

His hand looks so akward.  Looks like he uses hand to control direction.

As long as you look in front… you will not fall.

Jay Jay: “Eh Daddy……”

He moved to the top of the conveying belt.  hahahaha

Kay has the tendency to move to the right.

Kay is getting quite comfortable.

I took out my iPhone and shot this.  Then coach Aaron says cannot use that during lesson.  I think that is one of the safety rules.

See there is a huge mirror in front so that you can look at yourself at the mirror.

During skiing, you need to look at in front to see if any obstacle or not.

Hula hood in action.  He hold it like he is water skiing.

More hula hood skiing.

Its me and Jay Jay turn now.

Kay Kay continue his hula hood.

Me and Jay Jay learning to turn left and right.

OK.  I think one or two more lesson and we are set to go Hokkaido for another skiing trip.  Hopefully this trip all 4 of us can go up and ski freely.

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