Funny Merlion Photos

Date:  Jan 2, 2012

Jay Jay wanted to see his WISH BALL.  Every class in Lorna Whiston has a wish ball, and all the kids get to write their wishes on it.  And tyhese Wish balls are placed in the Marina Bay.


We were lucky that we went there on Jan 1.  As the workers has cleared 50% of the balls.  They poke the plastic balls and then keep the balls on their small little boat.

While we were there, let’s visit the Merlion.


From the Merlion park, you can see the Singapore Flyer.  And I can grab the Singapore Flyer with my 2 fingers.  See, isn’t it cool?


We can also see the exibition centre at Marina Bay Sands.  See, I can hold it with my palm.


Aiyo.  I am very thirsty.  Let’s drink some water.


Water is very fresh, I wanted to drink some more.  So, let’s bottle some.


Aiyo… I can also throw up / vomit like a merlion, see … this is how you do it!


OK.  Mommy also likes to drink the water from the Merlion.


Using a bottle to bottle it.


Jay Jay shoot this photo.  Not sure he is taking the Merlion or the pretty babe from China.


Of course, nice photos are taken.  This is Kay Kay and Mommy.


Mommy eating the Sheng Jian Pao.


Once a while, you pay a visit to the Merlion park, your kid will have fun there.

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