The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition)

Date:  Aug 28, 2015

Some friends told us about it.  

And today is the last day of the exibition.

It is at the National Library.

This blog is for those who has miss it.

IMG 9052

Usually Friday night is the kids and the Smith Girls playdate time at home.  Today, let’s do a special outdoor playdate visiting the Little Red Brick Show.

IMG 9013

The first thing that caught my eye is this Duxton HDB.  It looks so real.

IMG 9010

Then, these old style houses looks pretty amazing.

IMG 9021

I told them kids, why can’t they build something like this.

IMG 9024

Got to love those roof and water pipes.

IMG 9025

Take from another angle.

IMG 9018

Looks so realistic.

IMG 9026

How about this Katong bread store.

IMG 9015

And they have the hawker stall below and beside the house.

IMG 9049

How about this old house.

IMG 9050

My wife grand father stay exactly in this kind of houses last time.

IMG 9051

It is amazing.

IMG 9073

Look at this tinkgkat and biscuit.

IMG 9029

Wow.  This is the biscuit Kay Kay and most of other kids love to eat.

IMG 9031

Wha hahahahahaha.  So real the color.

IMG 9030

Some tower somewhere in Singapore.

IMG 9044


IMG 9045

SBS Transit bus.

IMG 9046

KTM train.

IMG 9048

Another train.

IMG 9047

Chinese Opera.

IMG 9038

Learn Mandarin with the Lion.

IMG 9054

Singapore VR man.

IMG 9055

Read the description.

IMG 9009

Racial Harmony.  Cool, the painted the kebaya.

IMG 9056

Made using Legos.

IMG 9057

Zouk Playground?

IMG 9060

How about the Army camp.

IMG 9063

The red big head police car.

IMG 9064

The lights.

IMG 9065

They really enjoy every thing made in Lego.

IMG 9067

Here come the Astroboy.

IMG 9069

It’s dinner time.  Let’s eat!

IMG 9071

Let’s eat dinner.

IMG 9082

Resolution for the next few playdates.

1.  I have to rearrange the legos into COLOURS sorting instead of shapes.

2.  The kids will need to make something that is very Singaporean.



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