Jay Injured his Knee

Date:  August 31, 2015

Stapler bullets.

Seems harmless.

Screen Shot 2015 09 05 at 7 15 41 am

But sometimes can be dangerous too.

Screen Shot 2015 09 05 at 7 14 55 am

In the computer lab.

Teacher asked the students to sit down on the ground.

Unknowing there is a loose stack of stapler bullets on the floor….

Jay Jay first get his knee down at the floor and…

Unfortunately, hit the stapler bullets lying on the floor pointing up.

As a result.  Ouch.

He did not cry much, but Ouch.

He used his hand to take the bullets out.  And Ouch.

Blood rushed out from the wound.

Teacher called mommy.

Mommy came to the school.

A bad cut.  Ouch.

IMG 9281

Dr. Pauline seems to be the nearest to the school.  She took a look and stitch my boy fix him up.

IMG 9283

Brave boy have 3 stitches.

All fix up.

IMG 9282

Happy face.

New experience.

And NO SPORT for 2 weeks.

IMG 9280

Few days later… 

doing good, healing fast.

Can’t wait to be in action again.

IMG 9321

Lesson learned…

1.  Jay Jay, please learn to be a clean freak.  When teacher asked you to sit on the ground, first take a good look at the ground and surrounding, see if it is dirty or not.  If you do that, sure you will notice that roll of stapler bullets before you bang your knee onto it.  Learn to look around before you sit.

2.  Jay Jay, next time you found there is a knife or arrow stabbed into your flesh, please please please do not pull it out just like that.  You do not want to see fountain of blood after pulling out.  Sometimes, you can stop the bleed then how?

3.  Very inconvenient when you injured yourself, right?  Cannot play badminton, no taekwondo, no swimming too.  Sad right, so, always take care of yourself.  

4.  Jay Jay, eat lots of fruits and stay healthy.  Your body will heal fast. 

I am glad that he is OK.  But no sport in two weeks.

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