Hay’s Goat Farm – New Updates

Date: July 29, 2017

It has been a very long time long time we last visited the Hay's goat farm.

The goat says Howdy!

What has changed?

1. Hay's goat farm just renewed a 5 years license to be there. So, they are going to be there fore a few more years.
2. Now, they finally allow us to feed the goats. You can buy the grass for $5 and walk to the feeding area.

They used to allow people to feed the goat, and then for a long while, they stop that activity, so, there are a number of years we cannot feed the goat. And now, I am glad that they reopen the feeding area and allow the visitors to feed the goat again.

They open a long stretch for you to feed.

My kids love to feed the animal and pat pat the animal.

It has been quite a while since Kay last feeding animal.

Jay Jay likes it too.

Here is a selfie with Mr. Goat..

The goats are quite happy. Even my mom is happy seeing the goats.. haha

So at the end of the day, we feed the goat, we drink goat milk. Every one is quite happy.

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