Aquaponics Tilapia (Part II)

Date:  August 1, 2017

This is our Tilapia.  This Tilapia just died during the moving from Tuas farm to Big Box farm.  Yes, my wife has moved the Aquaponics farm from Tuas, a very far location to a very near location in Big Box.

So, Tilapia died, what do we do?  We fried and eat it.


It used to live very happily in the right Tilapia pool, just beside the Gold Fish pool.

By the way, this is Aquaponics.  Remember?  Fish poo poo in water, dirty (but nutritious) water goes to the plant grow bed, and the plants cleanse the water and clean water go back to the fish tank.


And it is done.  Oil fried it.


Unlike the Tilapia you get from the market, you seriously don’t know where are those come from, what were they eating.  But this one from the Aquaponics farm, you know what you feed them, i.e. organic corns based fish food.

So, you know it is very clean.


The fish meat is sweet and taste quite good.


Every one enjoyed the taste.  🙂




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