Jay Jay & Stop Animation Movie

Date:  Mar 9, 2013

Yesterday, me and Jay Jay attempted to make our very first Animated short film.  

By using iPad or iPhone, you can make your own stop animation movie.  

For me, I just want Jay Jay to experience what is stop animation.  He is going to join 3 other friends, i.e. Justin, Aiden & Brayden to attend a Stop Animation 2-days Holiday Workshop @ bricks 4 kidz.  So, I always wanted to let him know what is it about stop animation before he takes the class.  Like that he will appreciate more and learn more from the work shop.  Something to 期待.

IMG 7884

Thank you Jay Jay for making these “actors” in the film.

IMG 7874

For the past 2 days, I think not much home work, so, we started to build more legos mini sets models.

IMG 7856

I signed up Jay Jay on a Special School Holiday program @ bricks 4 kidz.  They have a new outlet at the Grandstand.  

Screen Shot 2013 03 09 at 5 38 57 AM 


This is the holiday work shop about Stop Motion Animation.  So, basically the kids will use Lego to make their own movie.

 Screen Shot 2013 03 09 at 5 39 53 AM

For me, I just download either the following program to produce the movie.


Screen Shot 2013 03 09 at 5 52 07 AM

Here you go.  Our very first attempt on Stop Animation Lego Movie.  Fleet of flying machine and a man on ski.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/XsHm4SHwReU

If you remember, last time, before I send Jay Jay to the Robotics class, I downloaded the App “Move the Turtle” and teach him what is “Programming Language” …

Robotics posting… http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2012/12/robotics-training-start-from-young.html

So, the same way I did here… before sending him to the Stop Animation Holiday Special Class, go thru the process of making one yourself.  Explain to Jay what is Stop Animation.  Why taking so many photos and then flip them or show it frame by frame can make a movie which we called animation, and another word for animation is Cartoons… Also why light and music is important in making the movie.  By the time he go to the class, he would have some prior knowledge of what to do, and he can take full advantage of the program. 

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