Bangkok: Dream World

Date:  July 1, 2013

When you travel with kids younger than 10 years old.  Always try to include a theme park in your itinerary.  For this trip, Dream World is the one we going.

IMG 3736

Here come the big mouth Superboy.

IMG 3740

Now they gone into the Giant House.  Before that, they went into the 4D Cinema, showing quite impressive 4D + 3D effects.  Kay Kay says “PaPa, I don’t like this show.  Too scary!”.  HaHaHa

Now, let them touch the golden eggs.

IMG 3744

Giant rocky chair.

IMG 3759

Driving the car.

IMG 3762

Spinning boat.

IMG 3768

Kay Kay is so happy.

IMG 3771

OK.  Kay Kay cannot go in, as the height requirement is > 110cm.

IMG 3780

So, Jay Jay went in with Conrad.

IMG 3776

Kids having fun riding the space car.  It is so fast, the G force is a bit high.  I got my head spinning after this.

IMG 3782

Kay Kay loves it.

IMG 3786

What are they waiting for?  something to drop from the sky?

IMG 3789

Uncle Chester showing all the fantastic photos he took.

IMG 3793

Then, we pay a visit to Snow Town.

IMG 3798

Wow?  Isn’t all these figures copy right protected?

IMG 3804

It is minus 6.5 degrees now.

IMG 3807

More car rides.  And this is the dangerous one.  Later watch the youtube for this.  jay and Conrad is > 120cm.  So, every time they pass by the lower beam, they have to lower their head.  hahaha interesting… they let them ride even > 120cm.  hahaha

IMG 3814

Monorail ride.

IMG 3818

Holywood stunt shows again.  Lots of fire and bombing.

IMG 3825

And after Dream World, it is time to sleep again.  Power nap!

IMG 3828

Now, the video for some of the ride.


Oh I hate this one.  Very hard to get the boat go straight.


The toboggan. 


This ride is suppose to be for kids > 120cm.  But Jay and Conrad ride it anyway.  hahaha


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