Bangkok: A Night River Cruise

Date:  July 1, 2013

On the third day of our trip, we went to a near by shopping centre to rest and get something to eat.  Before we come to River Side Bangkok jetty to take the river cruise.

IMG 3684

There were no sun.  So, expect no sun set that day.


The kids loves it.  They scream because they like it.  This is the first time, these kids take boat trip together.

IMG 3675

Let’s go up to the deck.


On our way to the deck, I have a quick peek on the food.  Wow… Fresh oysters.

IMG 3689

Big huge prawns.

IMG 3698

Live band too.

IMG 3700

There are plenty of seats at the upper deck.


It is nice place to take photos.


Sky getting darker.  So, the kids leans against the handle there and watch the night scene.

IMG 3697

That is one of the temple or palace.

IMG 3706

Every one is taking nice night photos here.

IMG 3696

The kids are thrill.

IMG 3709

Reaching to the stars.

IMG 3713

This is the steel cables hanging the bridge.


Kay Kay is happy.  🙂

IMG 3719

The kids are all tired around 9pm.  But they still sit tight and watch the night scene and let the wind blows on to their face.

IMG 3728

Hi, look here.

IMG 3720

Me and Kay Kay.

IMG 3733

Conrad, Jay and Justin.

IMG 3734

Kids always love to take the boat.  So, when you arrange the trip to take the boat with their friends, they will remember this.

Talk about Gungnam Style.  The live band is playing that.  And where is all the kids?  Hiding… hahaha only Conrad’s Mommy dancing.  🙂  have Fun!


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