Unboxing: Duracell PowerMAT

Date:  Aug 14, 2013

That day, I read a news about Starbucks in the States installing this Duracell PowerMAT in their Boston’s stalls.  I found that it is kind of neat.


Here are the news about it (click below).


So, the next thing is I ordered it, and it has arrived.

This is the iPhone 5 casing.

IMG 5894

OK.  Now then I see that there is another “SnapBattery” that I did not buy, and it gives 2x battery power to your iPhone 5 for your daily uses.  I did not buy that. 

IMG 5893

Welcome to wireless charging.  The smart, easy way to stay charged.

IMG 5895

This is the casing.  It is light.

IMG 5898

Feel OK in my hand.


Not to ultra thin, but light.


The charging connector seems to be fine.  Quite good quality.  (you should see those made by Chinese, the clones is sometimes ugly).

IMG 5899

This is the back.  The casing has to be made longer, because have to stick the charging head there.


There is a hole for the phone jack.


The key thing is it is light.  And not too ugly.

IMG 5901

I can still control volume and mute the phone.


Now, let’s look at the Charging Mat.  I bought the one that can charge 2 devices.  Just in case my wife wants it.


Nothing much to setup.  Simply attach the power cord.


Simple box.  With an instruction manual at the top.


This is it.  The mat, where you suppose to place your iPhone on it, and it will charge “wirelessly”.


It’s thin.  A bit heavy.  At this point, I figure out something.  This is not a battery.  Hmmm… Duracell, It will be great if you can make this as a battery too.  A thin battery, where you can unplug power and bring it every where you want.  And then, charges two phones “wirelessly”.  HaHaHaHa  


I just checked the website.  They have.  It is called TravelMAT.  Looks a bit ugly and not practical.  

Screen Shot 2013 08 14 at 7 42 35 AM

Looks simple design.  There are two LEDs on each side that indicates charging.


This is where you plug in the power.


Another simple instruction manual.


How it works.


I love the charging adapter.


Snap and open.


See how they wrap the cable around.  Neat.  But one thought, why would I want to travel with this?


Oh.  It’s made in China.


OK.  Let’s put it into good use.  You need to aligned the logo to the round dot on the PowerMAT.


Once it is align, the magnetic snap on sound and feel is there.  And then, iPhone 5 will have that familiar charging sound.  And it is really charging.  Cool.  And the power cuts off after the batter is full.  Cool!


But the aligning part needs some practice.  So, simple anyhow place the phone on the PowerMAT will not work.  Must align properly ya!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/wVHx6xmqEPY

The PRO:

It is a nice piece of gadget.

You no need wire to charge your phone.

The case is light, and its elegant.


The CON:

hmmmm… I took video and I need to sync and upload to the iTunes.

Oh Well!  Back to basic.

It would be great if that thin PowerMAT is also a battery itself.  So that you can unplug and carry it when you travel.

But bear in mind, when you need power, you usually need to do work at the same time too, like listen to phone calls.  


I bought this from Amazon.

IMG 5882

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