Jay & His Sunflower Painting

Date:  Aug 11, 2013

Today topic is a butterfly, sunflower under the stars.  🙂

Jay Jay did very well today.  And I love the colour combinations.

IMG 5800

But wait, where is the butterfly, and why the dark sky are grey black not dark blue?  But it makes the whole thing looks nice.  

He decided not to put the butterfly on it, because he thinks it will destroy the painting.  hahaha

IMG 5803

So, this is Jay Jay’s Art Boot Camp painting this week.  And as promise, this painting will be hang on the wall in the living room.  🙂

When kid is in P1, his mind thinking suddenly excel very fast.  He has his own mind now, don’t want to follow what teacher tell him to draw.  

So, I think this is a great development.  He shows the same independent mind when he designed his Mindstorms robots too.  

IMG 5804

Jay is very happy about that.  🙂


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