No One Can Solve The Traffic Jam on Tuas

Every body complaint about the traffic Jam but nobody wanted to solve it.

It was 2pm yesterday.  But my Waze said it will take me more than an hour to reach home even I am so near to the Tuas checkpoint.


I checked the “Beat the Jam!” app, and waze did not lie.  It will take me 30-45min to clear the Tuas bridge.

So, when we were on the Tuas bridge, almost 1/4 before entering Singapore checkpoint… I see the jam building up.


That is because all these Lorries and buses is cutting the queue, so, they drive on the car lane and then when they about to reach the custom, they filtered back in.  And guess what?

All the rest of the lorries don’t want to give way, so they cannot go in, and we cannot passed, and every one got stuck behind.


Lorry suppose to have 1 single lane on the left most lane.  Then, the middle lane is for the bus.  So, the lorries keep cutting queue.  And thus the cars cannot passed.


So, when I reach the custom, I complaint to the people that has ICA on it.  They said, “oh, sir, that is Malaysia side problem…”

What?  It is almost 1/4 of the bridge in Singapore side, how can you say it is Malaysia problem????

So, if all the lorries driver keep to the left most lane, queue up properly, the busses will be able to queue on the middle lane.

And at 2pm this kind of timing, there should not be any jam for cars at all.

Now, because of few lorries cutting queue, the cars have to wait and queue for > 30 minutes..

So, to solve this, have the traffic police or ICA officer walk to those lorries drivers and take down their license and help them to get into the right queue and then FINE them after that.  That is what we should do in order to relieve the jam.

This is not the first time, I encountered.  So many times already.


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