Singapore Road is Dangerous!!

Date:  Oct 24, 2019

My car has suffered a lot lately.

On April 7, 2019:  Car mount the curb and punctured the tyre.

On July 20, 2019:  While going to a friends’ wedding, the front lorry drop a crawlbar and my car ramp onto it and two tyres instantly punctured and gone.


On that day, we are on the way to a friend’s son wedding.  And we still go.


And I managed to call Li Hong Auto to come and tow the car and changed all 4 tyres and do the realignment.  We went to Li Hong Auto because it is just around the corner where my car tyre was punctured.  After the wedding lunch, I went back to take the car.


On October 1, 2019:  Some one hit my back while I stopped at the traffic light.

And today October 24, I found a screw on my tyre.  And tyre pressure monitor complaint.

And here is the reason why?

So, you tell me, is Singapore road safe?  I don’t know.  May be it is just my luck.  hahaha


I managed to drive the car home.  And change the spare tyre there.

Of course, with Jay Jay’s help.


So, this is the culprit.


A screw.


So, I drove to Li Hong again.  As it is close to my home.

I told myself must go there even it is 5:30pm because I know tomorrow for sure it will be packed.  And really, they got time to fix my tyre.  By 6, they already finished fixing it.

I asked them, how much, non of them know.  So, they go ask the boss.

Boss said: “No charge!!!”

I was surprise, and the Boss said: “Your tyre is from my shop right?”

I: “yes, I changed four tyres not long ago…”…

Boss:  “Free.”

I smile and I thank him.  Wow… Good Service.



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