Taobao – Cotton Making Machines

Date:  Nov 25, 2019

It all started at that Paris Miki @ Gem.  I went to make my glasses, and there is a cotton making guy there distributing the cotton candy.  I told the guy, I will be back next day to bring my kids.  So, a day later, that guy was not there to make the cotton candy.  Of course, Kay Kay was so upset about it.

Jay: “Aiya.  Don’t worry la.  we just ask mommy to buy the cotton candy maker from Taobao la.”

Kay: “Ya hor.”

(then it is the negotiation and taking to mommy when we get home that day)

Kay: “But I did well in my exam this year…. please….”

Mommy: “OK la.”

Two weeks later.  It arrived.


The only thing we not sure is whether it will work?  It seems pretty easy to operate.


Simple few things and easy to assemble.


Wah, so serious.  Trying to put everything together after cleaning it.


Ta da…. Cotton Candy Maker.  Just a simple on-off button.


You can use this.  It comes with the box.  Rock sugar.


You can add in the colour.  Try not to use this la.  Don’t know what chemical they put.


After numerous tries.  This is the best.  Our rock honey sugar.  i.e. 石蜂蜜.

Seriously, the quality of the cotton candy is so good with this rock honey sugar.  When you place it in your mouth, it melted right away, and it is not too sweet or artificially sweet.

Just chop it into smaller pieces will do.


And of course, it comes with the sticks too.  The white sticks is actually the LED light stick.  So that it has light flashing on your cotton candy.  Cool right?  hahaha We will not use this and demo this, this time.


To begin, let it heat up for 2 minutes.  Then, turn off, add the sugar cubes.  Then, turn on, it will spin.


The initial spinning.

Here comes the cotton web.  Yeah.. It works!!!! So, you need to spin your stick to capture the cotton candy web so to make it a cotton candy!  Yeah… Fun!

The whole family are so happy making the cotton candy.

Oh ya, it is from Taobao, and it is about < $40 selling price NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING.  If you cannot wait, then you ship by air, and it will cost you around $50 to ship by air.


That is how you pace the sugar cube.


4-5 pieces.  sugar cube.


If you want to add the colour, use the colour sugar.  But we found that the effect is not that good.  We have not yet discover the best method to make coloured one yet.  All the purple sugar just fly to the side.


See what I mean?


Cotton Candy Making.

It is amazing right?


And It taste good.


Yummy yummy.


We can do this and go on for the whole night man…

Jay one so big.


Let’s make more.


This one make using the rock honey sugar.  Very tasty.  And very easy to eat too.  Immediately melt in your mouth.


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